Video: Pundit is adamant that Arsenal’s David Luiz should’ve been sent off against Sheffield United

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In a way it’s almost refreshing to see a controversial incident that didn’t involve a ball being fired at an arm from close range, but it’s another example of VAR potentially getting something wrong.

This decision is a judgement call so there will be opinions either way, but there’s no doubt that David Luiz does impede Oli Burke here:

Graeme Souness is convinced that it’s a red card and it’s probably a fair point that the ref might see this differently if the Scotsman goes down.

Burke is certainly quick enough to get to the ball in time, but was it a clear goalscoring opportunity?

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  1. And the United players should have gone for clear studs up challenge. But sourpuss never even mentioned that.

    1. Exactly m8, Berge should’ve walked for the studs up challenge on Auba, but as per usual we get nada from the refs, no wonder some of our best players are usually out injured, we get no protection from the refs at all, but if that tackle on Auba was other way round, it would have been a straight red via var

  2. Use David Luiz as a CM in the cup games , the man is NOT a CB . Every coach in the world has used him in the wrong position . Even at his age now , he make a classy CM .

  3. I have become weary of how Souness just never lets up on any semblance of a 50-50 incident involving the Arsenal. The ref didn’t give it and neither did the VAR, so please zip it.

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