Manchester City’s official Twitter account mysteriously suspended

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Manchester City’s official Twitter account has mysteriously been suspended this morning, with a ‘this account doesn’t exist’ message appearing if users click on to the profile.

The Mail’s Mike Keegan reports that the Premier League side have confirmed that this isn’t a result of a ‘hack’, suggesting that the Citizens are trying to work out an apparent ‘technical issue’ on Twitter’s end.

It will be interesting to see how this issue has come about, if it is in fact a technical matter, it would be extremely weird for it to only impact City’s account…

Given the power of social media, the Manchester outfit will be hoping to rectify this issue as soon as possible, otherwise they’ll lose the chance to share news and posts on one of the biggest platforms.

This moment is extremely embarrassing for the club – however it’s come about – the side are now on the brink of ‘trending’ for the wrong reasons, they’ve also indirectly supplied supporters of their rivals with a massive blunder to poke the fun out of.

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