Barcelona’s board try to undermine vote of no confidence by reporting some fans to the police

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A lot of fans might try to claim that football and politics shouldn’t mix, but the reality in Spain is that things behind the scenes are extremely political.

Most teams have elected Presidents and elections so it’s taken very seriously, but it’s getting messy at Barcelona after a vote of no confidence was raised against Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Football Espana have quoted reports from Spain about the whole situation, and it’s started to turn ugly as the board have reported criminal behaviour to the police about some of the signatures on that vote of no confidence.

There are enough signatures to trigger the motion so Bartomeu will still need to face this, but about 300 of them were similar and appeared to be fraudulent so the police are now involved.

There are suggestions that the board have done this to try and frustrate the process and potentially even make it look like it’s invalid, so it’s not clear what will happen from there.

It’s clear that the board are doing a dreadful job of running the club as they’ve lost their identity and the squad is in poor shape just now, while it’s also perfectly valid to wonder if the outcome of this will dictate where Lionel Messi plays next season.