The PM of Pakistan makes a brutal dig at Man United’s Harry Maguire

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It’s understandable that prominent figures at Manchester United will be under fire after a chaotic transfer window and an awful start to the season, but it’s starting to look like they are easy targets for everyone.

You expect pundits to have a dig and angry fans will be putting the boot in, but it’s astonishing to see world leaders using people like Harry Maguire as examples of dreadful leadership.

It’s not exactly clear why this has happened, but Pakistan Today have quoted the Prime Minister Imran Khan after he had a pop at the United captain.

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Khan isn’t a total stranger to the world of sport after a long and successful cricket career for his country, and it looks like he’s tried to tell his citizens to be grateful for him as a leader because they could be led by someone like Maguire instead.

He also turned on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as well as he went on to justify these opinions:

“They make ridiculous decisions in boards behind closed doors and you as the front have to justify them. I have been dealing with the same issue as well. And yet, Solskjaer and Maguire are likely to be sacked before I am.”

There will be a lot of people thinking that Khan has a point and maybe he does, but it’s unlikely that Maguire would think that a poor defensive performance would lead to him being ridiculed by world leaders.

UPDATE: Update: These quotes are completely satirical, stemming from the Dependent – which is a subsidiary of prominent news outlet Pakistan Today

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  1. Checked the source article and it literally says “SATIRE” on the left-hand side in big letters and says at the bottom of the article:
    “The Dependent
    The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.”

    So as for “It’s not exactly clear why this has happened”, the answer is because it’s a joke article lmao.

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