Fans of Premier League clubs to be charged extortionate amount to watch live games not on TV

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With football supporters unlikely to be allowed back into stadiums for some while yet, the Premier League have tried to come up with a package to satisfy everyone.

Something that will keep fans, clubs, broadcasters and stakeholders happy.

A meeting took place on Friday morning where the idea of each Premier League club showing all of their matches not already on live TV was mooted.

The Daily Star report that the idea was approved by the 14-team majority needed to turn the idea into reality.

However, once again it’s the supporters of the clubs who’ll be left wondering if they really are the most important people at the club, as is often espoused.

That’s because for every single game that will be made available, it’s thought via an app rather than on TV, fans will be charged £14.95.

For the more successful clubs in the league, it surely makes the offering not worthwhile, although it’s believed that the justification is that supporters would have pay a lot more to go through the turnstiles.

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  1. greedy bastards this is game belongs to us the people there are sites where you can watch all games free dont pay its our game kiss my bullocks-var that

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