“I’m going to tear your head off” – Ex-teammate tells hilarious Zlatan Ibrahimovic tale

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Veteran forward Maxi Lopez, who now plays his football with Serie C side Sambenedettese, has told a quite hilarious story about his time at AC Milan with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Lopez has a history of complicated relationships with his teammates, mentioning no names… Mauro Icardi.

It seems as though during his short stint on-loan at AC Milan while on the books at Catania, Lopez got into somewhat of a dispute with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Although, as it often is with Zlatan, it seems as though it was him doing the disputing.

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Lopez is quoted giving an interview by Spanish publication Marca, during which he details a time he attempted to play a pass to Zlatan, and the big Swede was not so thankful about the manner in which it came at him.

“I hit him a pass that was aimed at him, but he didn’t even move and he stared at me.”

“He looked at me with that angry face and yelled at me in a way like telling me to give it to my foot.”

And a few days later, he’s reported to have said (per Marca):

“I like you, Argentines have character and you say what you think. You are not like the bosses, but having said this, the next time you do that to me, I’m going to tear your head off.”

If you ever wondered what it would be like to be playing on the same team as Ibra, wonder no more. As great as it would be when he’s firing in the goals and winning your side points, perhaps being on the receiving end of a dressing down from a player as intimidating as him wouldn’t be so enjoyable.

It’s hard to imagine Lopez ever made the same mistake again…

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