Mesut Ozil in contract termination talks as German demands close to £13m

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Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil is reportedly in contract talks with the Gunners to have his £350,000-per week contract terminated but the German is holding out for almost the full £13m he is due.

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Ozil, 31, joined Arsenal from Real Madrid all the way back in 2013 in a move which cost the Gunners £42.3m as per TransferMarkt.

Since the German midfielder arrived in London, he has featured in a total of 254 matches in all competitions for Arsenal and been directly involved in 111 goals.

However, despite a seven year long spell with the club, the German’s time in the country’s capital looks set to be finally coming to an end.

According to a recent report from Daily Mail the German is currently in talks with his club over the possibility of terminating his current contract which still has nine-months to run.

The midfielder earns an eye-watering £350,000-per week at Arsenal and is believed to be holding out for near £13m which is almost all of what’s left on his contract.

The report goes onto state that the club have been negotiating the termination of Ozil’s contract for the past two weeks with talks so far proving unsuccessful.

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    1. And that’s why he does lots of charity work and offered to pay Gunnarsauras’ wage? I say let him rinse Kronke’s money! Was Arsenal’s mistake in the first place to offer him that

    2. Its about the money, even Arsenal football club is a business first and foremost for the money, so am with Ozil on this one, honour my contract. If the club want me gone they should pay me off, after all its the coach who sees him surplus to requirements. So its about the money its biz

  1. Who can blame him? If the boot were on the other foot we’d expect him to honour the contract. All he’s saying is ‘stick to our agreement or compensate me for not doing so’. Arsenal has always been a club of the highest moral standing; that’s what makes us special.

  2. Bravo Arteta you have got rid of one trouble maker in the squad Guandouzi and now the sly Ozil could be off too.
    Exactly what was needed,bloody good work mate !

  3. I strongly agree with Ozil, when he wanted to leave the club, they made noise to him to sign the contract, and now they’re treating him like he has never done any good thing at the club

  4. Ozil not interested football, only milking every last dollar he can.

    All his fake injuries and late withdrawals have come home to roost. Arteta is building something special and knows Ozil has nothing to offer this team.

  5. EDU it is waste of time to come to an arrangement with Ozil pay the man each week his due because its a loosing battle let it be a lesson

  6. You guys thinks its Arteta who is behind this,,aahahaha you are mistaken,Arteta would never treat somebody like ozil that way…. This is grudges btwn Özil n Arsenal board.
    ozil is holding that he should be given his £13m for him to be terminated bcause they treated him harshly….

  7. We all know what Ozil can do on the pitch especially now that Arsenal acquired a strong holding midfielder in person of Thomas Partey if Arteta will form Xhaka + Partey + Ozil in the formation 4 2 1 3 or 3 2 2 3 Ozil will be extremely deadly in creating chances. But Arsenal are blindly witch hunting Ozil which they will regret later because he is going to join one of the strongest premiere league side. I warned

  8. I believe Arteta and Arsenal board are doing a mistake in letting ozil go in that manner, he is a play maker just like the Lyon playmaker we wanted so I see no reason to let him go and fight to get some one not interested in the team like the Lyon playmaker

  9. With Thomas Partey in the team this is the best time Arsenal needs ozil, arteta has been superb but letting ozil go is a failure. Willian hasn’t done any fantastic play this season so why ozil or is there something they are nothing telling us?.. Leno, Gabriel, Saliba, Teirney, Bellerin, Thomas, Miles or (Elneny), Cebelos,,Ozil, Aubumayang and Kietha…let’s see if arsenal will not thrive better.

  10. It’s not the best way to part ways with a player who has been very contributing to the club. He did not force arsenal to pay him that much it was an agreement that both sides saw fit and fair…why treat him like he forced that contract? He’s perfectly human and sometimes there’s always a time in life when we are not at our best…that’s a nude fact, but let’s focus on the positivity that he brought to the club and respect him. If the story is true and he is demanding his full payment then he is demanding what is rightful his. He didn’t ask not to be played and would be paid in full without any complains if he would be playing so let’s style up gunner fans and learn to respect our players. I will forever be his number 1 fan. One lav Ozil and big up

  11. Ozil good days are behind him. How come no club was interested in him this summer.
    He has done well in the past, but he is down the hill side at the moment.

  12. Is Ozil not good enough for the current Arsenal squad which could not finish in the top 6 or the other way around? I think Arsenal is no longer good enough for player’s at Ozil’s caliber. The quality of the team is poor and drag down any good player to their level. Arsene Wenger built an attractive attacking squad that earned fans around the globe like myself who used to get up at 7 am in Saturday mornings to watch Arsenal play. Not any more. This Arsenal side is not worth my 1 h sleep. I started to watch Liverpool since last year. Sadly, they have lost some steam this season as well. American networks no longer show Arsenal games here, which means revenue from TV will take a hit. While local fans based in north London are stuck with Arsenal for a life, fans far away are not very loyal. We are in for it for fun or watch a big name player like Ozil or Sanchez who made their names known on international stages like the World Cup or Copa America and earned international followings. Arsenal doesn’t have big name international stars like that anymore. Aubumayang is an unknown face on international stage, because his countries team never makes splashes on big international stages like the World Cup. It is only one way for Arsenal from here: down. Kroenke won’t spend his money to improve the current squad, which needs big names, which costs more than 100 mil these days. Arsenal will be stuck in the middle for long time to come.

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