Tottenham intend to increase team bonding by building outdoor amphitheatre

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Anyone involved with football is likely to tell you that team equilibrium is a major factor in how well a team will do throughout a particular season.

Players don’t need to get on of course, and there have been many examples of when team-mates have been at loggerheads.

However, when they cross the white line, only winning matters.

That said, if a manager can hone the harmony within his squad – look at Jurgen Klopp’s tenure at Liverpool by way of example – then there’s no ceiling as to what they can do as a group.

All for one, and one for all if you prefer.

Team building and bonding between players is often done off of the pitch too, and to that end, Tottenham are building an outdoor amphitheatre at their training ground according to

It will be used for academy and first team operational requirements, as well as being used by the community for a variety of activities.

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