Worrying signs at Man United as star blames toxic dressing room for forcing him out of the club

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It’s amazing to think that things were actually looking very positive for Man United after the Covid-19 shutdown earlier in the year.

Bruno Fernandes made a huge difference to the team and they were actually quite exciting to watch for a while, but they’ve done nothing to build on that this summer and looks like the downward spiral is beginning again.

There’s little sign of positive feeling on the pitch after some dreadful performances and a questionable transfer strategy, but some reports are now suggesting that all is not well in the dressing room either.

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Our colleagues at Stretty News picked up on a report from Italian outlet La Repubblica, and it looks like Romelu Lukaku has lifted the lid on how bad things are behind the scenes.

He blames Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial for creating a negative atmosphere in the dressing room and that’s why he was forced to move to Inter Milan, while Ashley Young and Alexis Sanchez were keen to follow him when they learned that the Inter dressing room isn’t divided into little groups.

It demonstrates that there’s just no joined up thinking at all at United and it’s clear that the various parts of the club aren’t working together in any way at all, so it’s not a surprise that they’ve slid into mediocrity rather than being feared like they used to be.

Perhaps a new manager will need to come in and clear out the negative players in the dressing room, but there’s not going to be a quick fix here at all.

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  1. It’s no secret that Paul Pogba is a divisive presence in the locker room. And now that his form is obviously in decline, I’m not sure why he isn’t being shipped out. In truth, Pogba isn’t being shipped out because management, unfortunately, is pathetic.

  2. Paul Pogba is a joke on the pitch his performances well below he cannot tackle he cannot cover back he cannot score goals on a regular basis he costs the team more goals by his careless mistakes he has got to go !

  3. Ferguson would have sent Pogba packing ages ago. It’s way past time to rid the dressing room of egoists…….

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