Date set for Mesut Ozil’s Arsenal exit after hopes of an agreement over contract

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While Mesut Ozil is perfectly within his rights to stand his ground at Arsenal and see out the contract they gave him, it’s a shame to see his talent being wasted as he sits in the stands.

He turns 32 next week so he doesn’t have too many good years left, so it would be great to see him finally get a move so he can play a key role somewhere.

It’s unlikely that any of the big European sides will touch him anymore so he might have to venture further for his next club, and a report from The Sun has indicated that an MLS move is now looking likely.

They state that their transfer window is still open so there’s a small chance that he could still leave now, but the current expectations are that he’ll move on in January as long as he can reach some kind of agreement with Arsenal over the rest of his contract.

He’s been left out of Arsenal’s Europa League squad and the report claims that he’s likely to miss out on the Premier League registration too, so this could be the best solution for everyone and he should also stand out in MLS where the level is lower and things will be built around him.

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  1. Arteta is here to completely destroy Arsenal. His hostility towards Ozil is just like those of Joseph brothers against him. I know he’s deceitfully riding on the back of corona wage reduction saga to unleash mayhem at Ozil. Wenger’s preference for Ozil ahead of him in there days at Arsenal has become a crime. The board should make haste and sack him and bring a coach that can work with Maidtland-Niles, Ozil, Partey and Bellerin at the middle row.

    1. Your deluded. I was a big fan of Ozil and still am but he will not work off the ball. That is REQUIRED of all players in today’s game. He should just take a buyout of his contract and move on. As for Arteta his is a better manager than most in the league and has a good chance of getting The Arsenal back to the top.

    2. Amos I’m most bemused over your theory behind Arteta’s choice of selecting Ozil anymore in his match day teams. Where on earth did such unethical and unimaginable theory of Arteta’s revenge on Wenger choice of picking Ozil ahead of him come from? Do you think Ozil will share this view with you? Wake up man and do away with malice and face reality.
      Its obvious that you’re anti Arsenal, cos you want emotion over serious business. Ozil nolonger fits into Arteta and Arsenal’s style of play cos his work rate and pace can’t meet up. Thus he (Ozil) should take his spade and go dig elsewhere.
      Should the board sack Arteta and bring back Emery to take us to relegation waters, right? Think straight man.

      1. what pace… arsenal are experts in the back pass. I am an arsenal fan for over 40 years. Something is seriously wrong when other “lesser” midfielders are selected before ozil

    3. spud fan or Ozil spoil brat…if you think you can find a suitable replacement for Arteta just end that stuff You sniffing. The coach is drilling results out of his squad n name doesn’t matter here, same you will berates him for failing to get the righ results.
      Sanchez, Henry, Van Persie…lots have come n gone n arsenal still remain the same.Why didn’t Ozil transform the team under Emery n when given the opportunity. Name no longer matter in football but what you can contribute to the team, Ozil can only b productive n Quarter, Saudi Arabia and MLS,he has pass his peak

    4. Amos promise, since when have you Benn party to what goes on in the Arsenal hierarchy, stick to playing football manager that’s about your level.

    5. You. Nut. Ozil is so far past playable at this level and Arteta is the best thing to happen to Arsenal since the invisibles.

    6. Ozil was in Arteta’s team until the covid break. His work ethic and lack of effort is why he was dropped

    7. Did Unai Emery use him when he was arsenal coach, its better you check Ozil’s attitude in training before criticizing arteta

    8. arteta has proved to be liar and above all a coach who behave like a kid. a coach who thinks that torreira is nowhere near willock is just a shame. which player did arteta improve none. arsenal shld line leeds and get rid of this deceitful person who is here to destroy the club through some luck wins

    9. Hello mate you don’t know what you are talking about we all love ozil but his time at arsenal are pass so let him move on

    10. What in God’s name are you talking about? The internet is wild, but this may be the most absurd comment that I have ever seen. Ozil has been a complete waste of money for the past 2 years and Arteta has completely turned the club around, which was in free fall under Unai Emery. You sir are talking rubbish.

    11. that doesn’t go with our system of football. back when we had unai emery. our system was Ozil CAM. toerriea and xhaka below. but now we have players such as Dani and partey to hold our backline. theres not really a place to let Ozil play. like last game. you could see Willian was play CAM. Pepe on the right and saka on the left. this allows us to play fluent football and not be exposed at the back . so instead paying him 350k per week just to watch football from home. arteta is more than rather to sell him and make some profit out of it, it’s good for ozil because he can have the playing time he deserves elsewhere.

      1. He doesn’t deserve anything, he’s a parasite that ate on Wenger on rusty brain during he’s tenure..
        Look at the mistakes he’s made, didn’t wanne offer Alexis as little as 200-220-250k a week to stay and allowed him to be scooped.
        And after realizing the shit he’s gonna have the club in commercially he offered what was just a name who couldn’t even do he’s job properly a crazy deal for publicity shit.

        Mesut Ozil is a lazy swine that’s way past he’s best days and past the luxury of being surrounded by the best players in the world to make him look good.
        Best thing besides, arteta, Partey and Aubamayeng tying is getting rid of this fraud

    12. Amos you must be sleeping on a bicycle,
      How do you watch your own match?
      Who’s ozil now?
      My dear friend Arsenal pattern didn’t suits ur ozil
      Let him take bayout clause and live we don’t need pattern of playing, so dull and wick on pitch.

  2. I don’t know what’s wrong with Arteta, Ozil can still future in arsenal squad, because now we don’t see a possessing at the pitch,

    1. Get real buddy.Ozil’s days are gone,he can’t match the standards of the bpl.He is lazy and wants to be spoon fed,Asernal don’t have a place for casualties…Ozil must go period.He has failed to live up to his price tag

  3. Arsenal’s recent results were achieved without Ozil on the pitch. Results speak for themselves. Time moves on – for all of us. No one is exempt. Ozil’s time appears to be slipping away as a skilled playmaker. I’d prefer to see Ozil and Arsenal reach an understanding whereby Ozil can retain some of his contract and move on. Hopefully to enjoy some years of glory. Arsenal can also move on.

  4. Hmm Emery, Lundberg and Arteta all drop Ozil see a pattern. Ozil represents everything that was wrong with end of the Wenger era. You forget he held the club to a random over a new contract and Gazidis (also a disaster) was foolish enough to give in.

    Maybe Ozil is better off hanging out with his wanna be dictator friend Erhdogan.

  5. I luv Ozil so much.But his refusal of pay cut while others accept is selfish&arrogant.He ruin his career.His agent&parent should hav counsel him.The same at Madrid&German team.Same under Emery.Arteta is not the problem.Arteta is obeying board.Arteta even tried to bring him back.Wenga accommodated him as elderly coach.If Ozil go to MLS with that attitude the same will happen.He should apologize to board accept pay cut in arrears.

  6. If u trully are u will realise Ozil is not playing well like before since emry era, if Emery reasons to trash Ozil was bad was Ateta’s reason bad also , many players improve during Ateta than Emery like , xhaka, Saka, maint lan Niles mustaphi , Ceballos and others so Ozil can go to.make aresenal sign a better replacement.except if d news we are reading about Ozil are false

  7. amos promise, seriously, you know nothing about arsenal and football, if thats your view on this situation between ozil and arsenal, not even arteta

  8. Thanks you all fans and supporters of gunners Weldon for your contribution always in respect of what is going on at arsenal now, imagine am always respect arsenal but this time around things going on somehow and is not good for someone like us see and over look it. All this matter that going on at moment in respect of Mesut ozil the best player midfield attacker soever but arsenal coach and management over rule the player out from all arsenal matches just informed that he committed himself before. If you have a great or quality player and you do not play him, are you losing or gaining, you are, because he will receive he pay in due course and you cannot stop him. Nobody amongst you will tell us this is the problem of the player that’s why we refuse to use him, only beating the bush without any concrete finding towards the player misbehaving. Either you people play or not ozil is my best player among the group you have in hands.

  9. Ozil has the option of working harder if he wants to be relevant!!
    The truth is that Ozil is a luxury player who can only function where the team dominant enough that they can defend with only 9 men so ozil can have zero defensive duties!

    That doesn’t cut it in today’s football. the choice is his, sit it out and leave next year, so match rusty that no serious team will touch him, or cut a deal and leave now so he can still find a decent club in Turkey or China etc.

    Simple and short!!!

  10. @Amos promise, you got it all wrong concerning Ozil and Ateta. Apart from Ozil’s lazy attitude work, the wage reduction saga played a significant role in his current situation in Arsenal. Look at another Gunnnersarus incidence recently, Ozil through his actions made Arsenal look stupid. I think the best thing for him is to go. He has outlived his usefulness !

  11. Does Ozil still really want to play competitive football?
    Does he just play out of work obligation?
    Going to another club means he has to work hard in training and mentally. Why does he need to do that? He has free money that takes him to 33.
    There is no motivation to do better or risk injury. There is no national team to get into. No hunger. He will not leave Arsenal. No reason to.


  13. If he wont leave and he still gets his £350,000 a week wages from Afc then make him do something and give him 5he Dinosaurus job for a year !

  14. that doesn’t go with our system of football. back when we had unai emery. our system was Ozil CAM. toerriea and xhaka below. but now we have players such as Dani and partey to hold our backline. theres not really a place to let Ozil play. like last game. you could see Willian was play CAM. Pepe on the right and saka on the left. this allows us to play fluent football and not be exposed at the back . so instead paying him 350k per week just to watch football from home. arteta is more than rather to sell him and make some profit out of it, it’s good for ozil because he can have the playing time he deserves elsewhere.

  15. But for Covid, Ozil was a regular in Arteta’s squad with his stats among the best three players on match day. When football returned, the player is ostracized and you all want to believe he’s lazy. This is the player that won the best German footballer 5 times until he walked out of the National team, due to issues not football related. There has to be more we are not being told about. Arsenal should pay him off if we have no intention of using him. The longer this continues, the more toxic it becomes.

  16. The Athletic reports that Ozil’s contract with Arsenal guarantees him a loyalty bonus this summer to convince him to stay for the entirety. Arsenal has been forced to pay Ozil an extra £8m due to him staying until the final 12 months, although they are saving money on appearance bonuses by refusing to play him. So it is not an issue of the player being lazy or not fitting into Arteta’s strategy, but rather he’s being intentionally forced out. The player has also dug his toes in that it takes two to play this game. he is not going to allow anyone to force him out of his contract. Either he’s paid all he deserves and he leaves or he’ll abide by his contract.

  17. I am bothered why some Arsenal fans are so stubborn, Arteta has nothing bad against Ozil but Ozil himself doesn’t cope up with Arteta that’s all

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