Arsenal offered £5m for Mesut Ozil by a club who can afford to meet his wage demands

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The situation with Mesut Ozil at Arsenal is a sad one to see from a neutral perspective, but it’s hard to know what the German midfielder is hoping will happen here.

In his prime he was a wonderful player to watch who could find space and drag defences all over the place, but he is a passenger in the defensive phase and the biggest clubs won’t tolerate that anymore.

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Mikel Arteta’s tactics are built on teamwork and work rate so Ozil doesn’t have a place at The Emirates anymore, while it’s hard to see any mid table clubs being able to afford his wages.

That means he’ll probably need to look to MLS or the Middle East if he wants to maintain a similar wage packet, and an offer has come in that would fit that criteria:

The report claims that Arsenal are happy to let him go so it’s likely that offer will be accepted, while Al-Nassr are also able to offer a big wage so money wouldn’t be a problem here, but it still sounds like Ozil doesn’t want to go.

They even confirm that he’s likely to reject this even though he knows his time at Arsenal is over, so it will be interesting to see what kind of move he’s actually looking for.

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  1. he likes London and will find a political reason to reject Arab states as they don’t like Turkey.
    Even the mls could upset him for Trump racism so that’s the best bet but not until post election so Jan window. I believe myself he wants his cake and eat it so even a Jan exit would only be after a full contract pay off.
    no professional pride or further Ambition

  2. He’s not interested in playing football.At any level.only interested in “ fortnite gaming”.loves no need to budge.stuck with him & his wages till June.Then he can f** k off.Sharpish I Hope.

  3. Why he would do othervise? Why he would take a paycut when the owners have a bills of dollars? Cos of that he was banned from the 1st team, just cos of that and thats not right.
    Be wise, stop eating this capitalistic bullshit that Arsenal FC is in financial problems… they are not! cos of Covid they are just not earning as they planned!
    Although I think Ozil time have passed, but AFC is not helping to solve a situation and Wengers crazy 350.000 per weak to Ozil was one of many Wengers bullshit.

  4. He is only teaching Arsenal some lessons. You don’t treat a contracted partner as a nobody. He is a contented individual. Only Arsenal is at the loosing side because of some departmental mistake and arrogance.

    1. Ozil has no pride or interest in playing. Arsenal were stupid to pay him such astronomical wages and now paying for it. Ozil doesn’t need the money so if he is interested in still playing at the top level move on ,

      1. without question, the smartest comment on the Ozil situation. There are only losers everywhere including the fans, bearing the brunt of another season of badly spent funds to fill a squad with talent that wants to play for the manager and badge.

    2. The noble thing Arsenal should do is pay him off so that He ca f*** off. I noted his lack of interest along time ago. Emery lost the fans faith because we all believed Ozil was the difference, yet he was not interested in playing football again. Just cashing his weekly wages, this has never been experienced in the football world

  5. Ozil problem is not from Arsenal but from Arteta. Based on what Ramsey recently said that he was ‘daddy’s boy’ during Wenger era, that made Arteta to become envious of him just like Joseph brothers. Ozil can still serve Arsenal until the age of 36 years as his role do not require to much pace. He is still the best defence splitter on earth. The coming of Partey to lock up the defensive midfield – a position that Arsenal have been suffering the deficiency for years after the exit of Viera, would have bring out the best in Ozil but its quite unfortunate that Arteta is world’s number one malice keeper!

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