Why Paul Pogba has led Man United to consider new manager swoop again

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Comments from Paul Pogba have reportedly reminded Manchester United that they could perhaps do with a change in manager.

While this is surely not the only reason the Red Devils might be considering moving on from the struggling Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, it is mentioned as one key thing that has seen them rekindle their interest in former Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino in a report from the Daily Mirror.

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It’s claimed in the report that Pogba’s comments in a recent press conference about a move to Real Madrid, as quoted by RMC, have left United feeling that they could do with having a more forceful managerial presence inside the Old Trafford dressing room.

Man Utd fans will no doubt be annoyed at the Pogba transfer saga hitting the headlines yet again, and it might be that Solskjaer doesn’t quite command enough respect to keep this sort of thing from happening.

The Norwegian tactician got off to a strong start when he first replaced Jose Mourinho at United, but he was initially only the caretaker manager, and it’s debatable if he really has the credentials to be leading such a big club in the long term.

Could Paul Pogba have revived Manchester United’s search for a new manager?

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The Mirror also claim that United are aware that a world class coach like Pochettino is not going to be available forever, with Manchester City also linked with him in their report.

Pep Guardiola doesn’t tend to stay that long at each of his clubs, and there are perhaps already signs that he’s lost his touch slightly as City go downhill.

Pochettino did tremendous work during his time at Tottenham and it’s a surprise he’s not yet found himself a new job, but one can imagine he’d be an ideal candidate for United or City if they changed managers any time soon.

United have changed managers a lot in recent years, with the Manchester Evening News noting that Pochettino was also considered by them before they hired Solskjaer.

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  1. If anyone should go it’s Pogba. A divisive character who thinks he is bigger than the club. SAF would have dumped him ages ago…..

  2. What use is Pogba. You can count his good games on one hand. Get rid of him. I said the same thing under Jose Mourinho.

  3. I feel Man Utd should drop pogba and use the remaining midfielders to strengthen the midfield..cos we have too many midfielders and dropping pogba won’t change anything.

  4. fully agree with previous 2 comments, how much longer are the board and woodward going to pander to this useless individual, i ask you this if pochetino is so great why did he not win anything with spurs and why did spurs get rid of him, united will not do anything until the glazers and woodward are gone the only 2 managers to do anything are van gaal and mourinho and they did not get backed by the board united are in tragic decline under the glazers who are only interested in taking money out of the club and the puppet woodward is aiding them, when a club put a player before a manager they are heading in only 1 direction and that is down,solksjaar will be sacked to cover up the mismanagement at top level, you people that say the glazers have spent money are wrong, the glazers have not spent 1 cent of there own money it is all uniteds, all borrowing are in the name of manchester united god alone knows the size of the debt they have lumbered the club with, however the F.A. Allowed this to happen is beyond me the same with another club who were founders of the football lg way back, BURY, they allowed the owner to buy the club for 1pound, the FA are useless

    1. Manchester united Don’t need a great coach what they need is to sell pogpa and other frige players who are not even committed to the club

  5. If man utd is in need to change their coach to me ,ex Tottenham coach is not the anwser why man utd not go for led united manager?

  6. The manager is not the problem, but the board, the board are only interested in the money they share. The board are only care about their themselves, and again I see man u, ending up only with England prayers in the future, and it will so much affect the club greatly.

  7. Ole is good, the problem is the glazers through the board. They makes players bigger than the managers hence comanding respect becomes hard. Ander herrera said at utd football is not important but business. Labile is a good player but his mentality is wrong that is why sir. alex furguson sold him & warned Jose of consequences of bringing him back. FOREVER UTD FAN.

  8. Paul Pogba has caused us more harm than good, Man U fans has almost nothing to be happy for in recent years because of Pogba’s unending pride that have benefited us nothing but sadness.
    I most admit he’s a good player but if he’s not ready to show commitment and respect to the club irrespective of who is the manager, then you should be shown the way out. One person should not be the reason why Manchester United is not making the needed progress.

  9. The manager has no tactics,he doesn’t even know how to change game when game get tough.change the manager before it’s too late.

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