Nicklas Bendtner reveals all about gold-diggers, prostitutes and infidelity in football

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Former Arsenal and Juventus striker Nicklas Bendtner has revealed all about prostitutes, gold-diggers and infidelity in football, report the Daily Star.

As the Daily Star report, Bendtner has recently released his new tell-all book ‘Both Sides’ – and it looks as though there’s plenty of content for us to get our teeth stuck into.

Bendtner’s name is known far and wide across the football world, despite monumentally failing to fulfil the potential he showed during his younger years with the Gunners.

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That is, in many ways, as a result of his colourful personality. It’s for that reason it comes as no surprise that his new book pulls no punches and withholds no details.

The Daily Star have quoted a story from the ‘Both Sides’ during which Bendtner describes how frequently prostitutes were hired by footballers, with them being seen as a favourable alternative to the ‘gold-diggers’ he describes:

“It’s less risky than picking up girls while out on the town. And if you’re prone to infidelity — I read somewhere or other this applies to 46 per cent of Danes — you hardly dare do the deed with a ‘civilian’ any longer. Not when you’re a famous footballer.”

“I know about loads of incidents involving prostitutes. But I know of just as many stories about extortion via social media.”

“We’re talking about gold-diggers from the nightlife scene who are up for a f*** and then take a photo of you sleeping it off while you’re starkers. With those photos as their trump card, they can demand stuff to keep their mouths shut.”

“And they do. It’s not exactly iron-clad, but at least prostitutes have a business of sorts to protect. So yeah, I’ve witnessed that at first hand. Even the day before a match when the team were ­gathered at the hotel in some godforsaken place”

Hearts will bleed for Bendtner and his footballing counterparts reading this. It must be incredibly difficult living your life with women in pursuit, especially if you’re one of the 46% of Danes ‘prone to infidelity’.

That’s an incredibly polished way to describe what is plainly just cheating, scumbaggery.

Bendtner does well to avoid implicating himself being unfaithful and hiring prostitutes. Although, his other half is the gorgeous Philine Roepstorff, so perhaps he’s one of the morally sound 54%.


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