Opinion: No one likes Neymar, he doesn’t care

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Jealousy remains a terrible affliction.

Whenever Neymar plays, whether it be for Paris Saint-Germain or Brazil, you can see the green-eyed monster rise up in the eyes of opponents, hear it in the voices of commentators, read it on social media.

The Brazilian always manages to elicit a special kind of response, and god forbid he should try and bring some circus tricks to the party.

Rainbow flicks are apparently not for the football pitch.

Really? Isn’t the whole point of football to entertain? To put bums on seats and than habitually get them up off them.

For all of his histrionics, showboating and off-pitch activities that seem to rile so many, it’s conveniently forgotten just what a wonderful football player Neymar is.

Not to mention how important he remains for club and country.

Take Brazil’s 4-2 win against Peru on Tuesday night. A hat-trick from the PSG man brings him to within 14 goals of Pele’s record of 77 scored for the Selecao.

He’s now moved ahead of Ronaldo Nazario in that particular ranking too, supposedly the purest No.9 the world has ever seen.

It’s time to put some respect on Neymar’s name.

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