Project Big Picture threatening to drive a wedge between the Premier League and EFL

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Once the details of Project Big Picture emerged, it was always going to prove divisive, and things have moved on apace since the original announcement was made.

According to Sky Sports, there is overwhelming support from EFL clubs for the project, and almost completely the opposite from their Premier League counterparts.

Furthermore, according to The Guardian, the Premier League are attempting to finalise a bailout package of £140m for EFL clubs, which is well short of the £250m package previously being talked about.

There’s also a suggestion that some clubs are unwilling to hand over money while Rick Parry is the EFL’s chairman because they’re so incensed at him scheming behind the scenes with his former employers, Liverpool, and Manchester United.

“We are 100 per cent against the plans,” one Premier League club owner is quoted as saying to Sky Sports News, cited by Sky Sports.

“If there was a vote now I would be surprised if more than six supported it. I can guarantee you the majority of club owners are against it.

“Who knows, somebody might be able to come up with a compromise but there is no way we could support what’s on the table now.”

A virtual meeting taking place between all 20 Premier League clubs on Wednesday morning will be expected to showcase Project Big Picture in the hope that it gets the required support.

At present, it seems that most are overwhelmingly against it.

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