‘Stunned, shocked and disgusted’ – EFL chairman furious at bailout package put forward by the Premier League

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It was only a matter of time before Project Big Picture drove a huge wedge between the Premier League clubs and their counterparts in the English Championship and Leagues One and Two.

As it turned out, when the first news emerged of a multimillion pound bailout package for the lower division clubs, most appeared to be in favour with those clubs in the Premier League mainly against it.

However, that seemed to be on the basis of £250m filtering its way down the English footballing pyramid.

After a meeting on Thursday, it seems as though the Premier League are only willing to now offer a fifth of that, and £30m of the proposed £50m bailout would be a grant.

It’s no wonder that some chairmen have been left incensed, and Gillingham’s Paul Scally let rip.

“I’m stunned, shocked and disgusted by it. They are a disgrace coming forward with an offer like that,” he’s reported as saying by the Daily Mirror.

“I was on the League One [call] and there was not a single person from the 24 people who spoke up for it.

“The reality is it comes down to about £20m because the rest is a grant. £20m? Really. It’s shocking.

“Let’s see what their next step is because I can’t believe even fans of Premier League will be comfortable with clubs spending £1.2billion while smaller clubs go out of business.

“The Premier League will have to be careful because fans will get fed up of their greed.”

Certainly, those clubs in the English top flight, some of whom have just spent millions in the transfer window, need to be aware of a backlash from supporters.

However, that would appear to be the least of their worries as things threaten to reach a quick stalemate.

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