‘Demand stuff to keep their mouths shut’ – Bendtner reveals how he was blackmailed into paying for a girl’s boob job

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Former Arsenal star, Nicklas Bendtner, has never been shy of courting controversy, both on and off the pitch.

The Dane, handed the moniker Lord Bendtner for some of his off-field shenanigans, has opened up on just what goes on behind the scenes in football.

Writing in his book Both Sides, serialised by The Sun, Bendtner’s first-hand account will leave your mouth wide open.

Refreshingly, the former striker hasn’t looked to sugar coat any side of the game, telling it exactly how it is.

From the widespread use of prostitutes, to being conned into paying for a girl’s boob job himself, it’s all in the book.

“It’s (picking up prostitutes) less risky than picking up girls while out on the town. And if you’re prone to infidelity — I read somewhere or other this applies to 46 per cent of Danes — you hardly dare do the deed with a ‘civilian’ any longer,” Bendtner wrote, per The Sun.

“Not when you’re a famous footballer. I know about loads of incidents involving prostitutes. But I know of just as many stories about extortion via social media.

“We’re talking about gold-diggers from the nightlife scene who are up for a f*** and then take a photo of you sleeping it off while you’re starkers.

“With those photos as their trump card, they can demand stuff to keep their mouths shut. And they do. It’s not exactly iron-clad, but at least prostitutes have a business of sorts to protect.

“So yeah, I’ve witnessed that at first hand. Even the day before a match when the team were ­gathered at the hotel in some godforsaken place.

“One of the girls I’ve been with comes back and claims I’ve got her pregnant. That there’s a price if she’s going to do something about it. ‘And what does that mean?’ I ask.

“‘It means you’ve got to pay for a pair of new boobs for me. I want my titties fixed,’ she says.

“So I end up paying for her trip to the cosmetic surgeon.”

It certainly makes for a fascinating and eye-opening account of the ‘beautiful game,’ but it could lose him as many friends as he gains.

Arguably, he has a book to sell, and there’s little point in glossing over the more salacious aspects because they’re precisely the tales which will send the book to the top of the sales charts.

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