Jose Mourinho slams Premier League’s decision to introduce £14.95 pay-per-view charge

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho has slammed the Premier League’s decision to charge fans £14.95 per match after recently announcing a new pay-per-view scheme.

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The Premier League recently announced that they plan to charge fans £14.95 per-match for each game which was not already televised, as per Sky Sports.

The decision has been widely criticised with industry professionals and fans alike disappointed to be expected to fork out even money on top of their standard subscription fees to watch their team play.

The new pay-per-view scheme is scheduled to come into force today with the following games eligible for Box Office order:

Chelsea vs Southampton | BT Sport Box Office | Saturday 17 Oct | 14:45
Newcastle United vs Manchester United | Sky Sports Box Office | Saturday 17 Oct | 19:45
Sheffield United vs Fulham | BT Sport Box Office | Sunday 18 Oct | 11:45
Leicester City vs Aston Villa | Sky Sports Box Office | Sunday 18 Oct | 19:00
West Brom vs Burnley | Sky Sports Box Office | Monday 19 Oct | 17:15

According to a recent report from Standard the latest big name to criticise the decision is Spurs’ Mourinho who believes the £14.95 price-tag is too much, he said: “£14 is a lot of money.

“You cannot even share with your friends as they cannot come to your house [in London]. It is difficult. I feel sorry for the fans. But hopefully this stops quickly and we can have some people in the stadium.”

I recently ran a poll asking fans whether or not they will be purchasing the Newcastle United vs Manchester United game later today, so far, nearly 3,000 fans have cast their vote.

The results were overwhelmingly against the Premier League’s decision with 93.2% of people saying they would not pay the £14.95 charge and just 6.8% of fans saying they would.

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