Arsenal fans FURIOUS with what Aubameyang did after the Man City game

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Arsenal fans are not at all happy with their star striker and captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang following yesterday’s defeat to Manchester City.

The Gabon international was not at his best at the Etihad Stadium, but was seen joking and laughing at the end of the game with his former Borussia Dortmund team-mate Ilkay Gundogan.

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This doesn’t exactly look like the kind of winning mentality that Arsenal fans will want to see from their players, who should be hurting after yet another bad result in an away game against a big six side.

Many Gooners on Twitter are now lashing out at Aubameyang over the incident and his quiet performance in general…

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  1. You guys want him to do what? start crying? Mikel got it all wrong, too much respect for Guardiola, I guess he never wanted to beat him again, feeling sorry for him for his last time out at the Etihad, the games was over, do you want him to start crying ot throw punches, see where it landed Guendouzi.
    Surely, we are improving, it has always been 5 home and 3 away for them whenever they meet us for sometime now.
    Come on people. cut the guy some slack.

  2. Stupid comments about Auba,fickle fans who cry when they don’t win should grow up ffs,I love Arsenal and they were unlucky for a fair point away.

  3. These so-called fans behaviour is unbecoming. The game was over and Aubameyang demonstrated true sportsmanship and civility. During the match players fight for the best team result, but, when the game is ended, they can greet and congratulate their opponents and friends. Some Arsenal fans must chill, as, the world and life is not perfect. Get out of the hate bubble and be real. Try to be more positive in your criticism and respect in all aspects of life.

  4. Football its not a spots of haters and enemies, those guys are friends n families apart from futball. They’re human beings, they do mak friendship apart frm their team mate. We cant expect them to laugh only wit their team mate n when they’ve won. What u expected him to do when Gundo joke wit him? To clap him on his face? If u r type of those who aint smile aftr yo team’s lost, then its fine, thts up to u n yo childlihood behaviour n i gues Auba isnt tht typ

  5. You care more than they ever will, remember that. It’s universal across all sports. Grown men becoming wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, playing children’s games. That’s why you’re called “fans”, it’s short for fanatics, suckers! Don’t support the BLM Kneelers, a rabble of morons supporting a radical, Marxist, anti-Semitic, anti-nuclear family, anti-capitalist gaggle of thugs, murderers and terrorists who burn churches and synagogues.

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