Image: Gary Lineker pictured breaking coronavirus rules in considerable act of hypocrisy

Former England international turned pundit Gary Lineker has been pictured in a shop without a mask on – having previously slated people for not wearing one.

This is an exclusive story published by the Daily Star, which looks pretty damning for Lineker.

Lineker has been extremely vocal on social media throughout the coronavirus pandemic, sending out the below tweet back in July hammering people for opting against wearing a face-covering in shops.

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Unfortunately for the ex-Tottenham and Leicester centre-forward, he’s been caught with his pants down. The Daily Star have got their hands on a photo of Lineker in a shop without wearing a mask.

It’s not a good look for Lineker. Not only has he broken the rules and been caught doing so, but he also previously criticised people for doing the same.

He took to Twitter to apologise after the story broke, claiming that he merely forgot to put his ask on and upon realising he wasn’t wearing it, quickly rectified.

Whether you believe him and whether you think this is forgivable – that’s down to you.

Everyone makes mistakes, after all, and the memory does suffer with age. Many who will jump on the Lineker-bashing bandwagon now will have done the same over the past few months – they’re just not high-profile enough to get snapped doing it.

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