Liverpool & Manchester United in talks to launch £4.6billion European Premier League tournament

Liverpool and Manchester United have reportedly been in talks over the formation of a new European Premier League tournament that could change the footballing landscape forever.

The Premier League giants were recently attempting to launch the controversial Project Big Picture, as reported by the Telegraph, but with those plans rejected it seemed inevitable that something else would come next.

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Sky Sports now report that Liverpool and Man Utd have been in discussions over a potential £4.6billion project called the European Premier League, which would involve five or six of England’s biggest clubs moving into an 18-team league with other big clubs from around Europe.

The report explains that FIFA have backed the project, and that other top sides from the major nations such as Spain and Germany have also been involved.

It would consist of 18 teams and be concluded with a knockout competition to determine the winner, according to Sky Sports.

There has been talk of such a tournament for many years now, and it seems that the current coronavirus pandemic has prompted big clubs to think about long-lasting big changes to be made to the game.

If this project goes ahead, it would have major ramifications for football all over the world, and it remains to be seen what would be left of the Premier League that we’ve all come to know and love.

Sky Sports claim that a formal announcement on these plans could be made later this month.