Barcelona hit back against legal threats and insist new signing was a free agent

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It’s clear that the transfer world involving young players is pretty murky, but it does make sense when you see the amount of money involved.

There’s no guarantee that any “wonderkid” is going to make it so the parents and agents will want to cash in when they can, but there’s an unsavoury situation kicking off between Barcelona and Boca Juniors over the signing of Ramos Mingo.

Marca confirmed that the defender joined Barca when he turned 18 earlier on this year, but Boca have launched legal action and feel they have a legal case due to the contract situation surrounding his exit.

It sounds like the player was treated badly by a previous board so he was more than happy to move to Spain, but clearly Barca signed him thinking that he was a free agent instead of reaching an agreement with Boca.

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Mundo Deportivo have since reported that Barca aren’t having this and they maintain that he didn’t have a contract with Boca when he made the move, so it could be a messy case.

It’s natural to side with the time who’ve lost a talented youngster after he’s been poached by a bigger club, but there is something odd about the statements from the new Boca President.

His quotes in the Marca article don’t really focus on the actual legalities of the case and it’s more about him claiming Boca are the best team in the world, they won’t be treated like this and he’s using it as a chance to criticise the previous regime.

There’s a strong sense that he may be using this as a cheap way to gain positive PR with the fans, but it still sounds like he has a point so it will be interesting to see how this works out.

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