Richarlison’s 10,000 text messages in five minutes after Neymar live stream gaffe

Some players clearly haven’t retained the sense that they were born with.

Neymar does love to spend time on his social media accounts, but the Brazilian has seemingly often found himself in trouble because of videos and the like that have been posted.

This time, the Paris Saint-Germain striker managed to ensure that one of his international team-mates was bombarded with text messages after showing his phone number to all of his followers on a live stream.

According to the Daily Mail, Neymar was playing video games when he received a FaceTime call from Everton’s Richarlison.

Without thinking, he turned the phone around to show those watching who was calling, and in the process ensuring they all saw Richarlison’s phone number.

Within seconds his phone was buzzing, and according to a tweet which the Everton man sent out, he had received in the region of 10,000 messages within the space of five minutes.

Neymar showed no remorse by sending back a tweet of laughing emoji’s and a message that ‘you are loved by the guys !!!!’

Suffice to say that Richarlison will have surely changed his number by now.

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