Excellent gesture from Liverpool as they make six figure foodbank donation following Conservative vote

While the debate about politics and sport mixing continues, it’s fair to say something is badly broken in society if we’re now relying on our football clubs to feed hungry children in certain places.

There were troubling scenes in the UK yesterday as the Conservative government voted to deny an extension to free meals for needy kids, so it’s now falling to individual communities to try and sort things out.

There was some outrage at Liverpool football club earlier in the year when they announced they planned to use government funds to furlough staff, but this gesture is brilliant and needs to be applauded.

The Liverpool Echo have confirmed that the club will be donating £200k to a local foodbank to help them out ahead of a potentially hard winter, while it sounds like they’re also doing some extra schemes to deliver meals to kids too.

We can all agree that ever kid needs to be looked after and it’s not their fault if they end up going with food, so this is a great thing to see from Liverpool.