“I dream of Liverpool” – Talented midfielder confirms that he would be open to Liverpool transfer

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A lot of fans will get upset if a player starts talking up a potential move to another team, but it really just depends on the context.

If a Real Madrid player starts confessing their desire to move to Barcelona then there’s always going to be chaos, but someone lower down the chain expressing their desire for a huge move shouldn’t really be an issue.

Go Ahead Eagles youngster Jay Idzes is starting to catch the eye after an impressive start to the season, and there’s already talk of him getting a move to a bigger club.

Dutch outlet Voetbalzone recently interviewed him about his career ambitions, and it’s clear that he’s just a young man who wants to go as far as he possibly can, but there will be some comments in here that interest the Liverpool fans:

“I don’t even care what level I’ve come to. Of course I dream of Liverpool, but it will have to show how far I can get. As long as I can say, as a 35-year-old, I didn’t leave it anywhere. Then my career is successful.”

It doesn’t sound like he expects that to happen anytime soon, but it’s interesting to see what he has planned for his career.

He confirms that he moved to Go Ahead this summer to help him in his ambition to get a move to the top league in the next couple of seasons, while he also wants to develop himself as an all round midfielder.

That potential move to Anfield could be some way off but he’s described as a dynamic midfielder who’s calm on the ball and works very hard for the team, so he would be a perfect fit for Jurgen Klopp’s midfield.

He has a lot of developing to do first but if he keeps rising through the levels and excelling as he does so, then a move to somewhere like Liverpool might not be completely ridiculous after all.


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