Mesut Ozil thinks he knows the real reason he’s been frozen out at Arsenal

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Arsenal star Mesut Ozil is reportedly convinced he knows the real reason he’s been frozen out at the Emirates Stadium in recent times.

The German playmaker was once regarded as one of the most important players at the club and indeed one of the finest in Europe in his position.

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However, he is now not even in Mikel Arteta’s Premier League squad for the 2020/21 season, in a bizarre turnaround for him at Arsenal.

Ozil feels this may be a move motivated by Arsenal’s commercial interests in China, due to the 32-year-old publicly criticising the treatment of Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang province, according to the Daily Mail.

If true, it’s damning on Arsenal, who should surely not be looking to censor their players for taking a stand on issues they care about.

Of course, it remains to be seen if this is in fact the reason behind Ozil being out of the picture, with many likely to argue that the player has no one but himself to blame.

mesut ozil in arsenal training
Mesut Ozil is becoming something of a forgotten man at Arsenal

It’s some time now since we saw the best of Ozil, with the attacking midfielder certainly letting his high standards slip a little towards the end of Arsene Wenger’s reign, while he also struggled to impress under Unai Emery.

Despite initially looking like part of Arteta’s plans when he took over, Ozil perhaps again didn’t really do enough to show he’s worth a regular starting spot.

That said, leaving him out of the squad entirely like this also seems a little over the top, so there could be political and financial reasons behind it.

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  1. How many top players under perform as much as Ozil on the field and say as much as Ozil off it ???
    Messi,Ronaldo,De Bryne,Salah,Van Diyke ummm no of course not they are total professionals unlike that dickhead Ozil who talks the talk but doesnt walk the walk !

  2. Ozil, has failed woefully to make an effort in adapting to a new Arsenal under Arteta. He has not made the least effort to improve on his sluggish play style that did not succeed to give goals to Arsenal. His effortless arttitude gave an inertia in the the whole team. That’s what we should talk about and not politics etc. Ozil should move out of his comfort zone into the New Arsenal that wins. Not a fanciful for nothing Arsenal. Ozil, raise your tempo and beat the young coming up. They train hard and are ambitious unlike the Wenger Ozil.

  3. Few players did well under Emery and Ljundberg and Ozil was often left out because he disagreed with a woeful Emery yet Ozil is blamed even though when Arteta took over and included Ozil in his first 10 games pre-lockdown, Arsenal lost only against Chelsea and were winning that one until Ozil was subbed for Willock. His stats were some of the best – including distance covered – and he was significant in the win against Man U plus set up the winning goal in the last game against W Ham. Ozil’s disgraceful treatment is political; not about performance – he is fit and being paid but ostracized – so it is sad that there are so many sheep in the media and fanbase trying to justify his complete omission since the restart (but 4 keepers in the Europa squad!) behind lies, hypocrisy and propaganda. He had the right not to accept a pay-cut without proper info and no other player’s name was leaked. Arteta loved him before that and is now having to lie for his bosses. No one applauding his treatment online would accept this treatment for themselves, even for high wages. The whole episode stinks.

  4. Ozil has show his real religion to the world because most of the Muslim peoples are diet in China Xinjiang that is the excess that mes’ ut frozen in the squad true out the competition
    so even we fans we are not watch some games because ozil is out of arsenal squad

  5. shame on Arsenal and fair weather fans…
    Ozil is, by far, the best player they have.. but no one is brave enough to stand up for him..

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