Video: Everton star James Rodriguez ruled out for Southampton game after late tackle from Virgil van Dijk

It’s been a tough week for football fans everywhere when it comes to the injury for Virgil van Dijk, because there’s a real concern for the neutral that one of the best players in the world will miss the rest of the season and may not return as the same player.

We’ve also had to put up with some absolute nonsense from both sides in Liverpool as they’ve taken it too far with his injury, so hopefully Liverpool’s win last night has brought some normality back to the situation and they can get on with their season.

Unfortunately there’s been another issue that’s come up from the derby at the weekend with James Rodriguez, and it appears that he’s going to miss Everton’s next game as a result of this challenge:

Pictures from BT Sport

A report from Sportbible stated that Everton have confirmed that James will miss the upcoming game, and that tackle from van Dijk has been cited as the cause of his issue.

It’s a big blow for Carlo Ancelotti’s side because James has been so influential in their fantastic start to the season, but we should get an idea of how well they can play without him.

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  1. “absolute nonsense from both sides in Liverpool”?????

    Not trying to be a troll here but what do you mean by this?

    The book of condolences, the black and white in memorium image, the players and ex players banging on about it being the worst most pre-meditated foul ever committed, the calls for a season-long ban, the death threats to the player and their family… all from one side of the divide as far as I can tell. What am I missing???

  2. Not heard any nonsense from the blue side of Merseyside, only pious whinging from the dark side and sanctimonious drivel from klippety Klopp. they need to grow up and accept that tackles happen its a contact sport.

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