Incredible effort from Leeds fans raises £40k as they donate to charity rather than paying for PPV matches

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Football fans have become used to being exploited as clubs focus on money rather than looking after the fans, so there was always going to be a point where everybody refused to take it any more.

That point came recently for a lot of Premier League fans where the TV companies decided to start charging fans extra to view games on top of their monthly subscriptions, and it’s rightfully received a negative reaction.

In most cases fans find themselves in a situation where they can absolutely afford to pay the extra money, but it’s a point of principle to avoid handing more money over to the likes of BT Sport and Sky.

We’ve started to see fans banding together to donate that money to good causes instead, and this incredible effort from the Leeds supporters is the latest example:

It’s brilliant to see and it shows what can happen when fans come together, while we all know there are ways and means to see the games anyway without paying extra!