Balotelli in trouble again after making crude rape joke on Italian version of Big Brother

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He once posed the question of ‘Why always me?’ but Mario Balotelli still hasn’t learned from his past mistakes or matured it would seem.

The Italian seems to have a love-hate relationship with football and for all of his evident natural skill, his temperament has let him down far too often in the past.

If only he could’ve knuckled down at one of the many clubs where he plied his trade, Mario Balotelli would be a world beater.

Instead, he chose, and is still choosing, to take a different path.

On this occasion, he thought it would be funny to make a crude joke about rape on the Italian version of Big Brother.

One of the contestants, Dayane Mello, had claimed to have had a relationship with the player, according to the Daily Mail, something which Balotelli apparently denies.

When told by an interviewer that it was Mello who had wanted him in the Big Brother house, Balotelli then made his disgusting remark.

Only the backlash from it has seen him apologise via his Instagram account, but the damage had been done by then.

Why always him? The answer is obvious.

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