Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa could become the face of Yorkshire Tea

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There’s something about having a football player or manager endorse your brand that companies seem to love.

For years now, those who play the beautiful game across the world have been signed up to promote any number of things, some more outrageous than others.

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In any event, one potential endorsement would certainly go down well in Yorkshire if it comes to fruition.

Marcelo Bielsa has become a hugely popular and cult figure in the area for guiding Leeds United back to the Premier League after 16 long years away.

Unfortunately for the manager and his players, no fans have been able to witness their assault on the top flight live thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Since arriving at the club, Bielsa has apparently developed a fondness for Yorkshire Tea, and that could lead to him becoming an ambassador for the brand, despite the fact that his English is still very limited.

“The fact that Mr Bielsa insists on a proper brew cements his status as an honorary Yorkshireman,” the company spokesman, Ben Newbury, is quoted as saying to the Daily Star.

“Being a strategic genius is thirsty work, so we’re not surprised he gets through plenty of tea every day.”

It’s hard to believe that he could be any more loved in his adopted country, but if the locals were to see him on their packets of morning breakfast, that would surely cement his status for all time.

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