Video: Ben ‘The Cycling GK’ Foster makes 95th minute error as Watford drop two points late on

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Watford keeper Ben Foster, known as ‘The Cycling GK’ nowadays, made a mistake to hand Bournemouth a late equaliser this afternoon.

He won’t be wanting to watch this one back on the GoPro.

If you have not seen Ben Foster’s videos on YouTube, you’re missing out. The Watford stopper has stepped in to help fans get an unprecedented behind the scenes look at football while they are still unable to sit in the stands.

Foster has been placing a GoPro in the back of his net to record footage of his saves and reactions during match days – which will make this costly error he made today even worse.

Though you could argue it was not directly his fault, Foster failed to deal with the cross into the penalty area, instead parrying it straight to the Bournemouth man, with Chris Mephan subsequently scoring an equaliser five-minutes into injury time.

Foster’s videos have been all-inclusive, warts and all, at least so far. It’s hard to imagine he’ll shy away from posting this one, but it’s certainly not the content he will have been hoping for.

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