“Solely on Arteta” and “Poor management” – These Arsenal fans blast Arteta for playing star out of position

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Everything has been looking pretty positive for Arsenal going into this season, but defeats to Liverpool, Man City and Leicester show that they may not be ready to challenge for a Champions League place.

Mikel Arteta’s men had their chances to win today before a sucker-punch from Jamie Vardy knocked the wind out of them, but it means Arsenal will stay in 10th position after a promising start.

One of the main storylines this summer surrounded the future of Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang, as Arsenal did all they could to tie their talisman down to a new deal.

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It was always going to be risky because of his age but it did look like the right decision at the time, but he’s been pretty poor since.

That could be down to Arteta looking to use him in the wider areas so that runs the risk of him becoming isolated and failing to have an impact on the game, but some of the fans are starting to get a bit fed up:

Lacazette did miss a few chances where it looked like a ruthless striker would’ve put the ball in the back of the net, so you have to wonder if Aubameyang would’ve put some of them away.


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  1. I have no word for Arteta….but foolish…….
    you can say why?
    1.no creativity but the master of assist is still in arsenal….oz10
    2.I just Don’t want to talk about arteta…..he is doing nothing…. anyways I don’t care i can’t whach this foolish team from now.

  2. Our playmaker today was David Luiz… Oh and its not MA’s fault. He is following orders.. We are playing political football and will lose plenty of games because we simply are not able to breakdown parked buses without Ozil.

  3. Its a shame comparing arteta wit pep stlye of play.cos honestly if u whach dis match u will see so much errors 4rom MA.firstly playing xhaka as d third CD nd Auba on the rigth ,later on the left.wat on earth is wrong wit Ateta too much tactiocs nd no stlye of play …stupid

  4. Artetahas been in English football for a long time, talks a good game of footie, but on execution over-promises and underdelivers. The football Arteta delivers reminds of the boring George Graham days. Our midfield must be the one of the worst in terms of creativity and inventiveness. We actually deserve to be tenth or worse given the football we are dishing up.

  5. Arsenal always waiting for small teams assist them by beating big teams and not themselves ,just embarrassing ,Can this be the start of the end of Arteta reign

  6. I saw this long ago. Arteta’s days at arsenal are numbered. He has made it easy for himself to leave. I don’t want to be rude. There is no way I can blame the team. Only a fool can play Auba on left wing. I repeat only a fool can play Auba on the wing. Only a very huge fool can bin a creative player like Ozil. You have only one and you don’t register him to play. We are watching. Hope Arteta’s head will not be the first to roll this season. Only Trump can save you from this game

    1. I’ve said it a hundred times before and I’ll say it again for any one who cannot see what is happening with the team.
      The current problems on the pitch started in 2016 when Arsene Wenger bought Granit Xhaka. He was bought specifically as a defensive midfielder but it soon became clear to Wenger and anyone else who knows football, that our new 40 million & 100,000 pounds a week enforcer could not tackle and lacked the essential athletic ability to carry out the role for which he was acquired. Rather than admit that a costly error had been made and ditching a failed project it was decided to change his role from enforcer to passer and thus began the decline of the team to where we are now, which is going nowhere.
      The facts are, that the prior seasons before Xhaka joined the club, Arsenal regularly conceded around 25 to low 30’s goals. Since Xhaka’s arrival every season that number has increased to almost 50 goals allowed in the league alone last campaign. The undisputed evidence shows that in the seasons before his introduction in the team arsenal were expected to reach at least the last eight in the champions league. Where are now?

      Is it a coincidence that the clubs dramatic demise has dovetailed with Xhaka’s tenure in the team? Well before he came we had Ozil Sanchez and Ramsey who regularly delivered for the team. The season after Xhaka arrived that production went off a cliff because there was little or nothing coming from the midfield resulting in Sanchez’s frustration at having to work twice as hard due to lack of quality. Ozil and Ramsey wouldn’t or couldn’t do it, eventually he got fed up and took the money manchester united offered.

      Xhaka offers nothing to the attack and is a liability to the defense. He is now in the reign of a third club manager in four years at the club. If Mikel Artetta does not deal with the real of adapting the team to suit a player who contributes nothing at all except recycling the ball, he too will soon find himself out of a job

  7. His (arteta) sickness is really increasing week in week out. How can you bin yo only creative midfielder and you think yo wise enough. Arteta must swallow his pride and look for a solution else his days are numbered. Next is man united and hope for the best.

  8. I said before and I will continue to say it. Arteta is costing us. Why did you let Martinez leave? Are you sure Ozil cannot make it in that team?. you’re joking! Justify his omission by winning simple matches liked Leicester. Zero creativity in that game. #artetaout

  9. Arteta numba one problem is tactics.how dare u compare a novice wit his master pep playig xhaka as the third center back,i call dat stupiiid…playin captain Auba on d rigth later on d left flant.sorry coach wat were u thinking?.stupiiiid… .nd bringong in mustafi who has bin out injure on instead of william saliba.wat else could i say if not stupiiiiid !!8-)

  10. Doesn’t matter how we line upp if we only play in the back… side pass, back pass etc.

    Auba at right lol, sure he is good on the left but he is our striker! Pepe has massive potential wich he never reach when he cant get some freedom and time!

    So please Auba as Striker, Eddie reserve! Pepe/willian right, Saka/Nelson(auba)! central Partey, Ceballos and Xhaka/elneny, and come on we keep mustafi over saliba???

    And mentallaty attacking thats the arsenal way arteta not park the buss when @ 0-0 against all teams and especially not after liechester….

  11. Tired of this experimentations from MA. When luiz is your most creative player there is a problem.
    Agree with all comments above!!
    Too bad we have gone 10 steps backwards since winning FA cup. The team is boring, gutless nd lack ideas…

  12. MA is doing what Emery was doing, playing players in the wrong positions, secondly poor tactics, poor substitutions..Auba is a poacher ply him at central, pepe on the right, why on earth do u play mustafi and leave AMN…its hih time u gave Saliba playing time. please go buy a quality attacking play maker in January…or else you will finish out of top 6..ank make sure you win the FA and Europa to make up for your errors.

  13. It is so clear that they need Özil back in the field. Busy telling us it was a hard decision to keep him out of the squad

  14. poor performance kept it out
    for the revenge is not dualy out of ozil in the pitch what a stupidity Arteta doing We learn many things from champions Uepa

  15. have been saying it or 2 yrs now, that Laca is toilet the worst striker i have ever seen in an Arsenal shirt. He makes Bendtner look like a GOD. Laca Offers us nothing he has no pace, plays so deep that you would be forgiven if you thought he was a midfielder. The guy couldnt score in a brothel…If Arteta cannot see that by now then i fear the worst for the club this season.Arteta has to also shoulder the blame playing him week in week out !! and then playing Auba on the left and saka on the right !! every game so far Auba has played on the left ??? It baffles me ??? also we play 4 3 3 and i cannot for the life of me see where ceballos was playing !! Surely 4 3 3 meant him playing through the middle as the link up player and playmaker but all i saw him play was wide !! On this current form and team selection we aint finishing in top 8 let alone top 4 !! its embarrasssing……. LACA has to go !! Eddie has to start if you are not going to play Auba through the middle which everyone knows we should then at least start Eddie over that donkey LACA!! LACA get out of my club you are useless !! 182k’s worth of Useless, we pay that muppet 182k a week for absolutely nothing !! Arteta keeps saying he plays people that play well and give the team something ???? well LACA is still playing and he offers us nothing ??? so why is he still playing ?????????????????

  16. Laca is useless i have been saying it for 2 yrs now !! he offers us nothing nothing at all !! 182k a week’s worth of crap !! Arteta keeps saying he wants and plays players that offer the team something and play well ??? well i haven’t ever seen LACA play well ! he offers us absolutley nothing !! he plays so deep behind everyone he has no pace no threat and couldnt score in a brothel !! Arteta has to taake alot of the blame for playing him !! Auba play on the right all game ?????? anyone can see Auba played in the wrong position on the left but the right ??? Arteta WTF ???????? shambles !! total disgrace !! took 82 mins before he brought eddie on ?? 82 mins ???? what game was Arteta watching ????and e took off Tierney probably our best player and one that was crossing all game and left a pile of crap on the park in LACA !! LACA has to go !! if he plays again or carries on playing then 9th in the table we will finish !! playing Auba out wide is a waste and everyone can see it !! but playing he out on the right ????

  17. I said this before, if you cannot play ozil look for the player who can do what he does. Arteta is a good coach but a situation surrounding him is because of top management. there is no link between attack and Midfield.

    1. There is no midfield with Xhaka playing in the team. Please note Brendon Rodgers statement that it was Xhaka he targeted. It would appear that every manager and coach in the league can see the obvious weak link in the team except for our own.

  18. MA must take responsibility. I don’t understand what’s going on in his head! The substitutions are late, Auba is played in the wrong position….Xhaka has no legs to operate in midfield. Laca needs benching. Nketiah is more! Bringing in Mustafi ahead of Saliba is agonizing. We need Saliba’s legs in there!

    The coach must be more serious! We have the players but they must be properly organized. We are regressing.

  19. Sure MA needs to sort his formation out and Laca needs to take those chances, we have to be more creative and No we can’t get Ozil in because he is not on the list; But no need to abuse Laca, he gives his best and he must take those chances and relax as a striker. He doesn’t deserve all these abuse, please fans, it is all on MA’s table.

  20. It’s negative football played in front of our own goal with sideways passing to suit one player. Does not matter who they buy it’s a waste of money if Xhaka and the negative football is not ditched.

  21. There is no creativity in the offensive just because Arteta hates Ozil!!!! why not use Ozil for the last 40/ 30 minutes !!! Auba is not scoring, Laca is not scoring and the whole Team looks blunt!!!

  22. Arteta is new to management fans need to remember that, there’ll be mistakes that he needs to learn from and Rogers and Pep and Klopp are the ones he’ll most likely learn them from. Leic is a very good side, well drilled and a real poacher in Vardy, it can happen to the best of them. Marry that with some out of form players and some new guys to our team, we (our players) need to learn how to draw these types of games when our strikers aren’t doing it and the team doesn’t look settled.

  23. Arteta must go if not arsenal will go for relegation, we lost to Liverpool, man city and Leicester again on Saturday we are going to loss against the red devils @mozil10 we need him back

  24. Arteta is not the man for Arsenal. 6 games played…..6!!!!!!!!
    3 loses….3!!!!!!!!! What an absolute joke. He was Guardiola’s lacky for a year or so…so how the hell does that give him the ability and knowledge to manage a club like Arsenal….absolutely pathetic and idiotic appointment by the dumb Arsenal board. he is clueless as a manager and was below average as a player. He is Unai Emery in disguise and needs to go asap as things are only going to get worse. Arsenal will lose to Manchester united this weekend and with games coming up against Aston Villa and Leeds…those teams will cut this team to ribbons. They play direct attacking football which puts teams under pressure…and this team are weak and clueless so you can predict the outcome. Arteta is a liar indeed saying that ‘he has failed Ozil’ what an absoloute lie and a load of rubbish. The only player we have that can create an ounce of creativity has been excluded from all teams this season…stupid political move…not a footballing move at all. Lies, lies, lies, lies lies from Arsenal!

  25. Back passes…back passes..back passes….which side are they scoring….building up again ….and ….same …back passes…back passes…back passes.

  26. Back passes…back passes..back passes….which side are they scoring….building up again ….and ….same …back passes…back passes…back passes.

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