Video: Karma as Lucas Digne is sent off a week after joking about Richarlison red card vs Liverpool that injured Thiago Alcantara

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Lucas Digne has suffered an embarrassing moment and has been dished out a lesson on karma after being sent off for Everton in today’s encounter against Southampton.

This comes just a week after the left-back joked about the horror tackle from Richarlison that saw the Brazilian sent off and left Thiago Alcantara injured in the 2-2 draw against rivals Liverpool.

In the 70th minute of Everton’s Premier League tie against Southampton, Kyle Walker-Peters burst away from his counterpart with a lovely run.

With Digne trailing the Englishman, the left-back recklessly hacked down Walker-Peters by literally kicking away the ace’s leg, leading to a deserved red card.

Pictures from Sky Sports and RMC Sport.

Liverpool supporters will certainly enjoy this moment, perhaps 27-year-old Digne will learn a valuable lesson after this.

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  1. Whoever you are, you know nothing about football, Digne fell on him, his hands up, get an urgent eye test.

    1. Hands up before he stepped on him. Planned. Besides, after last week Everton deserved at least 2 more red cards.

  2. What is happening at Everton? Victims Liverpool last week Southampton today players being sent off for horrific tackles is this another player out for the season? Is it the players at Everton taking the law of the game into their own hands or are they getting instructions from the management either way they need a significant punishment not just a slapped wrist why do Everton players think its a joke?

  3. You are really pathetic, not got a clue. I bet you support Liverpool, still moaning from last week. If you watch Digne, his hands went up, the reaction of an innocent player.

  4. he tried to cath his heel (the back of his boot to bring him down) – twice, what was a joke about it !.

  5. Get your eyes tested after reviewing the replay, otherwise remain WRONG, OK. There are people like you who are like Kevin Friend, you just make up the mind and there is no swaying you to the real thing, sad that someone is like you.

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