Barcelona outcast decides to go vegan in a final effort to improve his physicality and earn more chances

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Sometimes it just looks like a player can never do anything right and they should probably leave a club, but Samuel Umtiti is stuck at Barcelona with no sign of anyone looking to sign him just now.

It’s a strange situation because he’s a versatile defender who is still rated quite highly by some, but he’s not really played regular first team football for at least two years.

He’s been in an out of the Barcelona side ever since arriving but he’s been completely excluded just now for a few reasons.

There have been plenty of suggestions that his attitude isn’t right and his physicality has also been brought into question, so it looks like he’s decided to go vegan in a final effort to get his career back on track.

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A report from Get Football News France picked up on the comments, and it does actually sound like he’s in much better shape.

He claims he’s working harder than ever, he’s lost weight and he’s never felt this good in a physical sense, so you have to admire his effort.

He finds himself in a situation where his career is starting to slip away from him but we’ve seen so many examples of players just accepting it and taking the pay cheque before disappearing.

Clearly he’s doing all he can to get back into the team, so hopefully he does get a chance or at least gets a move on January to play regularly again.

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