‘Bear the consequences’ – Malaga owner, Al Thani, threatens French president

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In a shocking turn of events, Malaga’s owner, Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani, has threatened French president, Emmanuel Macron, after the latter’s response to the beheading of a teacher in his country.

Taking to his official Twitter account, Al Thani, let Macron know his feelings in no uncertain terms, and left a chilling sign-off.

“If there is no official apology for all Muslim countries regarding the speech of racism, incitement and hatred and recommending acts offensive to the message of Allah, then bear the consequences.”

Football Espana report that Al Thani and his family have become hated figures in the locale after bleeding the club dry of money and using it to fund their own lavish lifestyles.

As a result say Football Espana, Al Thani owes €8.5m to the club.

Such incendiary language has to be investigated by the authorities, who have already taken the day to day running of the club away from the family.

Football Espana also note that a €5.4m bond has also been placed upon Al Thani and his children, who are also implicated in the alleged offences.

If this isn’t paid in a specified timeframe their shares will be seized.