Investigation launched: Cristiano Ronaldo in hot water over potential COVID-19 misconduct

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Italian Minister for Sport Vincenzo Spadafora has confirmed that their is an ongoing investigation into whether Cristiano Ronaldo violated COVID-19 protocol.

As the Guardian reported when the news initially broke, Ronaldo tested positive for coronavirus. The Portuguese superstar was not experiencing any symptoms, but as per the rules, would have to enter a period of self-isolation.

However, in true Ronaldo fashion, he hopped onto his private jet to return to Turin to self-isolate. You can’t blame him for wanting to be at home, while he likely would have determined a private ride in his own jet as a safe way to travel.

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Though, Spadafora, who is the Italian Minister for Sport, does not appear to have been impressed with Ronaldo’s actions after his coronavirus test was returned positive.

In fact, Spadafora is insistent that Ronaldo broke the rules, and as per these quotes sent out in a tweet by Football Italia yesterday evening, there is an investigation going on into the Juventus striker’s conduct.

It’s not a good look for Ronaldo, whose PR and marketability have been huge in building his brand around the world. If he is proven guilty of breaking COVID regulations in the midst of a second wave, there could be pretty considerable fallout from this.

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