Premier League to stick with £14.95 PPV cost and when it could be lowered

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According to the Athletic (subscription required), the Premier League will stick to the £14.95 price for pay-per-view matches for the time being.

The Athletic report that a shareholders meeting took place on Tuesday, with the issue discussed but no vote being held at this moment in time.

It’s claimed the Premier League chiefs plan to meet with broadcasters Sky Sports and BT Sport in an attempt to lower the cost of the matches, which have reportedly netted an average of £538,000 so far.

The international break is once again the bane of club football’s existence, with it suggested that the current price and system will remain until the final matchday before the next break, November 8.

This comes after Newcastle owner Mike Ashley condemned the current price model in a statement and suggested that fixtures should cost £4.95 until Christmas.

The Athletic add that the PPV arrangements will be reviewed after November’s international break, with fans made to wait for a change so bad that it’s been universally slammed in the football landscape.

It’s suggested that some top-flight chairmen are ‘unhappy’ with the price currently being at £14.95.

With the Athletic stating that over £300,000 has already been raised for food banks in fundraisers to combat the PPV system, there’s at least one shred of good that’s come out of the ordeal.