Opinion: It’s about time the hero worship for Ryan Giggs was put to one side

Ryan Giggs was a magnificent footballer for Manchester United, and on the pitch he remains their most decorated player.

There’s no taking away from just what a natural talent he was, and in the best Sir Alex Ferguson teams, the Welshman still stood out.

However, his off-field exploits have always left a lot to be desired, and his latest alleged indiscretion shouldn’t be allowed to be swept under the carpet.

Giggs will arguably still be looked up to as a role model, but let’s not forget that he conducted an illicit eight-year affair with his sister-in-law.

If that weren’t bad enough, he also had an affair with Big Brother contestant, Imogen Thomas, and has recently been arrested for allegedly assaulting his current girlfriend.

The hero worship and adulation he continues to receive therefore has to stop.

If he were an ‘everyman’ on the street and his indiscretions came to light, Joe Public would have no qualms at giving an opinion.

Just because he was a successful player, it doesn’t give him a free pass to ride roughshod over everyone and everything ‘because he can.’

Wales have taken him out of the firing line for three games, but they’d do well to make it permanent.

His recent arrest isn’t just ‘another mistake,’ the man has form.

It’s about time football turned their backs on those who make a mockery of their status with behaviour that can only be classed as unfortunate at best.

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