Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sends message to Manchester United board over his future

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has sent a message to the club’s board amid doubts over his future, according to the Telegraph.

United have lost back-to-back fixtures to Arsenal and Istanbul Basaksehir, while sitting in the bottom half of the table having not won a game at Old Trafford so far this campaign.

Considering the circumstances that saw both Louis Van Gaal and Jose Mourinho dismissed by the Red Devils, it would come as no surprise if Ole suffered the same fate.

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Man United travel to Everton this weekend in dire need of a bounce-back victory. While it could prove pivotal to Solskjaer’s United future, he has urged the club to look beyond one game.

The Telegraph report that Solskjaer has pushed for the United board to look towards the bigger picture, rather than dismissing him on the back of one or several negative results.

Solskjaer is quoted by the Telegraph telling the United hierarchy: “We have planted a seed, the tree is growing.”

Whether Ed Woodward and co will listen to the Norwegian, or dismiss him in favour of appointing someone like Mauricio Pochettino or Massimiliano Allegri, remains to be seen.

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  1. we need Solskjear to stay at United because we have hope that he will take us back to glory

      1. Stop talking shit because it didn’t take sir Alex 2 or 3 seasons to get unt3d to glory it took him more than that so give Ole time at the club and he will produce

        1. I’m with on that look at what Liverpool are now, it’s not a one season work that took them to were they are now it’s 4 season work building a team. They are the Champions well respected team.Ole his building team wait and see.

      2. We totally agree.My son and I have followed utd to many years to remember.My son agrees with you get him OUT before he does so much damage at the club there will be no way back.

    1. We want solskear to stay at Manchester United because we have hope that ole will take us back to glory I BUTUM OBASESAM

  2. “We have planted a seed, the tree is growing! This is not the objectives of Manchester united they aim at winning matches and finally win them one or two trophies in the season.

  3. Ole has to go and perhaps Pochettino or Allegri or even Nagelsmann will do a much better job with the current team. All three of them have soccer coaching pedigree and will be able to get the best out of the current crop of players. The changing of guard is imminently needed as the season is still young with 32 league games to be played and cup competitions to go. And of course with the January window approaching, bring one of the three now will give them ample time to recruit new players if required. Also appointment of a DOF will not be out of place to go with the new Manager or Head Coach, however we want to address him. Ole Solskjaer can be redeployed to the Under23s team to hone his skills and and with time can take over the senior team if he proves to be capable and up to scratch to do so.

    1. Sacking managers doesn’t change anything atqn utd. Since the retirement of sir Alex Ferguson, the only manager who have most improved, and understands the squad is ole, bring in potchetnho, then be like ooh, things are not the way we thought it will be, potch will also be sacked.. What frustrats managers at man utd is the board, if they can’t cooperate in the market then they put all eyes on manager to produce good results. And am advocating for ole because I see him improving soon

  4. The sooner that Pochettino gets another job somewhere else the better it will be for United. We need to give Ole the kind of time that Liverpool gave to Klopp. It took Klopp 5 years to turn a team of midfielders into a team which began to win things. Under Klopp LIverpool were 6th/8th/4th/4th and 2nd. In Ole’s first season he was 6th and then 3rd! He has had to deal with the aftermath of the dreaded Jose and his undermining of many of our star players. Let someone else sign up Poch. He is sitting there just like Mourinho did like the death’s head at the feast. There is absolutely no promise that he will be anymore success than he was a Tottenham We simply cannot go on swopping managers at the “say-so” of Britain’s toxic media.

  5. Ed Wood must go not Ole, Ed wood is the one fail Manchester united for not processing money to buy players. All we hear from him is rumours. We don’t want our team to take record in sacking coachs.

  6. Ole is getting this right. The board should just let him be. He’s doing his job. Sack him again and bring man u back by 2years.

  7. ole has United at heart and would definitely want to see the club where it was during his playing days…..he needs to be given time, united have failed with better and proven managers before.

  8. We have the team but Ole is the wrong man to lead the team. Install Pochettino or Eric ten Hag or Julian Hagelsmann

  9. Well, I know we’ve recorded some bad results owing to unprecedented poor and torrid performances from the the players since the commencement of the season.
    But then, I’m of the opinion we give Oleg Gunnar Solskjaer sometime and see if he can improve ihis tactical approach to the game.
    My problem with him is that there is no aggression and hunger in his style of play.
    We are not good in marking, that’s dispossessing the opposite side of the ball.
    Again, we seem not good at keeping possession which makes our players give away the ball easily.
    I think the board need to back him to strengthen the team, which would require selling the tired legs and replaced them with young and talented fresh legs.
    Areas of concern are center back, midfield and attack.

  10. OLE is not our problem but the board. That guy OLE is fit for this job all he needs is to be allowed to be taking decisive decisions (on who to buy and how to use them) without the board who is adamant in appointing A SPORTING DIRECTOR interfering with his decisions… Ed Woodward should gooooooo

  11. Is that the sign that he is throwing in the towel. If so, it is indeed very honourable of him to do so. Ed Woodward should quickly contact Pochettino, Nagelsmann or Allegri and appoint 1 of them so that they have enough time to turn things around, and that not all is not lost. Hopefully as the league positions stand and with the points difference not insurmountable, Manchester United can still finish in a respectable position and perhaps win some cups and also do creditably well in the Champions League.

  12. Let ole be, every new manager wants to rebuild until when, let ole be given time to mature his rebuilt team

  13. Ole must stay…all of you that just want trophies and want it now needs to look deeper at things and don’t be greedy and without patience,its your negativity that affect our manager and players. Ole will bring us back to glory just give him the backing of the fans and time.

  14. Pochettino has won nothing! Appointing a new coach means restarting a rebuilding process! Except for 2 trophies we spent most of the years after Fergie in the top 6! So let’s support Ole to build a winning team!

  15. Ole Gunnar will go nowhere till the rebuilding is complete and for us who believe in man utd have already seen the glory

  16. Ole is not the man for the job he is tatical unable to perform for a big club you talk about fergie at united how many of you actually know what his record was before united he won tbe european cup with aberdeen he had a track record whats ole got a title with molde get a grip he is the tesco value manager as apose to the gucci manager wake up united bottom lower half of the table cop on lads he needs to go i dont know who is the right man for the job but its not ole

  17. I agree with you brother,but one thing ole lack is tackling,and gingering i can remember those times wen sir alex used to ginger his players to play well,that was wat really gave them flying colours to winning trophis but ole cant do dat even if he cant the team skippo(captain) is in position to ginger his teamates too

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