“The decision is simply wrong” Former PGMOL boss Keith Hackett confirms VAR was wrong to disallow Patrick Bamford’s goal vs Crystal Palace

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It’s yet another weekend where VAR has made a dreadful decision to rule out a goal, and it really does make you wonder when something is going to change.

Patrick Bamford scored a well taken goal to bring Leeds level against Crystal Palace earlier this afternoon, but it was remarkably ruled out for offside by VAR:

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There are a lot of things to take issue here in terms of the camera angle and the lines used on the screen, but the biggest issue is that there’s no part of Bamford’s body that he can legally score with which is offside.

Caught Offside spoke to former PGMOL boss Keith Hackett to get his views on the decision, and it’s clear that yet another shocker has been had:

“These decisions are ruining the game and too many good goals are being ruled out. This is the perfect example when we know the decision making process is using imperfect technology.

“Law 11 states that it’s offside if any part of head, feet, or body is nearer to the opponents goal than both the ball and the second last opposition player.

“The hand/arm that looks to be ahead of the defenders is NOT a part of the body that can score. I have looked at this incident on several occasions and the decision is simply wrong.

“I would urge PGMOL to bin those lines and rely on skill sets of the officials to make the call.”

Hackett was also keen to point out that the on-field officials don’t have anything to do with the VAR review for offside, so this decision was made by VAR official Mike Dean and the assistant VAR Ian Hussin.

We really are running out of excuses for decisions like this just now and it’s inevitably going to result in difficult questions for the officials that made the call.

This was a decision that turned the game because Palace went up the other end and made it 2-0. but it’s awful that it’s simply just another one to add to the pile this season.


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  1. I wa just gunner ask who the Bent Ref was who was on the VAR , and ya just answered it for me, Mike Dean , Surprise Surprise, A Full Bumping Weight and Total Disgrace.

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