“Arteta’s pride would not allow” – These Arsenal fans slam the manager for leaving himself without a potential key player this season

It would be a lie to say that Mesut Ozil was universally loved and adored by Arsenal fans when he was a regular in the team – the reality was that he was turned into a scapegoat when things were not going well.

That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a part to play in the current squad, and his reputation has improved a lot due to some poor treatment from Mikel Arteta since he took over.

The German star may not be a good fit for Arteta’s system, but you can’t deny that he brings some creativity and poise to the midfield when he’s on the pitch, and Arsenal could really do with that just now.

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He wouldn’t be eligible to play until January because he was left out of the Premier League squad, while he’s not listed to play in their Europa League games either.

It all looks like a calculated effort to try and force him out of the club, but a lot of fans are questioning that choice after the loss to Aston Villa tonight:


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  1. Money and power are strong acid test to know who a man truly is. I couldn’t have believed that Mikel could treat any player like this not to talk of Ozil. It is very clear that arsenal lack creativity at the front but Arteta’s pride won’t allow him him to accept. Are you saying Ozil can’t make this arsenal team nor squad? That’s a big joke.
    Listen, if Saliba ends up a flop, Arteta should be held responsible. It was another stupid decision by him to axe that promising guy from Europa squad. No wisdom in it at all axe your only creative player and highest paid in the team.

    1. It’s through.
      Manager is too pride leaving best players out the like of Ozil and Saliba.

      Indeed the squad lacks Ozil’s magic.
      They luck playmaker. How can they score if creativity is not.
      Saliba is good young talented defensive player but wanted by manager.

  2. I said it that my club has thrown loyalty away and it will haunt us. How can you sell a keeper whom you overlooked again and again and did not disappoint when called upon? Martinez qualified us for Europa final and then we used Chech in the final and got thrashed. He won us two cups and we sold him because of Leno who sent us out of Europa. We celebrated Saliba’s signing and when he came back and asked for permission to help his parent club in a cup final we said no yet after a yeoman’s performance in pre-season he is suddenly not good enough even for the bench. Ozil our most creative player is frozen out ostensibly because he is lazy yet see the result we are getting. We trust Willian so much so that he can not be on the bench. Arteta has to do away with his pride or else…

  3. No Özil,no Xhaka,no Mustafi who’s to be blamed?
    Arteta of course. Politics dominating this club we love. Last year when Arteta played for arsenal he was worst player but not omitted.

  4. Hbg you are crazy i never want to see mustafi in a Arsenal shirt again. Look maybe this team worked against Man Utd but it did not here.
    Xhaka i think is more creative than Elneny however yoy had to start him after last week

  5. To be Frank, Arsenal were toothless and
    Martinez hardly broke into a sweat. Arsenal play a passing game which is slow. Contrast the game with MU where players put their bodies in the way oF shots.
    When AV scored the disallowed goal, our guys were static and ball watching.
    Arsenal must have someone like Grealish
    running with the ball and not pass all the time

  6. Anyway things happen, Arteta forgive your friend (@Ozil)as you we forgiven several times when you were a player too.

  7. TO WIN MATCHES YOU NEED CLASS PROVIDERS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARK, there is one in the Club but not liked by the manager bring back OZIL, better than the rubbish we have now and the CHELSEA REJECTS

  8. Watching Arsenal used to be Arsenal plays very slow,boring and predictable football..That Gabriel leads the whole team in terms of passes tells a lot….too defensive for my liking..too many backward passes..The team is in shambles….we need people who live the club running things.And Arteta is getting away with this rotten boring football cos the fans are not in the stadium…he is not the Messiah we crave..he has signed more defenders than attackers…only one midfield player..I credit Ceballios signing to Emery..The team has more defenders than there are forwards or midfielders..IMO..He is nothing but and Inexperienced Tony Pulis

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