“Get him out of my club” – These Arsenal fans turn on summer signing already after dreadful performance vs Aston Villa

You could try and spin this from an Arsenal’s point of view and say look at what Aston Villa did to Liverpool, but that’s not really how football works.

Arsenal are starting to stray into the territory of “two steps forward, one step back” under Mikel Arteta, and it is surprising when you consider that positivity surrounding the club this summer.

They completed some impressive transfer business and Willian looked like an absolute steal from Chelsea on a free transfer, but it’s starting to look like they made the right choice to let him go.

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The Brazilian was expected to bring some intense work rate and quality to this team, but the reality is that he’s been poor and there are alarm bells ringing over the long term contract that Arsenal handed out.

Obviously he’s not the only one to blame for the loss to night, but he’s not getting an easy time of it from Arsenal fans just now:

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  1. Ateta left a hole in my heart,how can this facons give me a hole 3 is much men sing player u say no then play ozil u still say no what exactly is ur problem(we are loosing fan’s Ateta)

  2. please Arteta play 4 defenders @ e back, bench william, AMN needs play time. we have definitely failed top 4..this season…we poor upfront…leno has no competitor…its Martinez that won us 2 trophies…Arsenal in crisis…no creativity… Ozil must be smiling after such results

    1. arteta’s tactics has failed completely and we need an experienced corch.we can’t endure frustrations

  3. Villa ran rings around Afc but perhaps a reality check that was needed.
    Elniney is an average player who tries hard thats it,you know he wont score and you know he wont assist and that is not good enough !
    Willian is looking like the new Ozil promises much,deliivers little and Laca …omg he is doing nothing.
    Thats a quarter of the team and no one can carry that much dead wood.
    Arteta needs time but Afc are a long way from being good again at the moment.

  4. Until Mikel Arteta swallows his pride and be positive in his reasoning Arsenal cannot even make EUROPA by next season. Arteta’s v’e lost to Aston villa in their three last meetings, two of this meetings are premier league while one is friendly match. Arteta is not what we need to take us there

  5. I wonder why Willian starts and Pepe on the bench, if u want Willian to play let him play the left wing and Saka ho right, stupi Arsenal .

  6. Willian and Laca are just two ofds we have in the Team now….I can imagine what Ozil could have done on that pitch today and until outright purging is done on the Team we can only remain on the pit

  7. In summer someone recommended on social media that arsenal should buy Ollie Watkins, but the club was busy signing a free agent like Willian from Chelsea. We need good scouting personnel who can identify talented prayers. Mikel Arteta doesnt have much experience of coaching, he knows only one style of play which he learnt from Gadiola. Arsenal should recruit an experienced coach by Jan 2021.

  8. Before Wenger it was the same old arsenal and we are in that same cycle again. It’s a pity that Arteta showed promise but not kept. We have lost our beautiful game gem. When I watched City and Liverpool last night, the passing, the technicality of the players, even with their tired legs, I cannot see Arsenal in the top four. I am even impressed with Southampton. Arteta need to rethink on the HOW and WHOM we play. We need midfielders who can score goals and our goal scorers must have more opportunities. Let’s hope they come back better and surprise us with all the talents in this team.

  9. Arteta is an average coach, he can’t give the best.Don’t really know what is wrong with arsenal player.Drop laca and always start pepe.

    1. Artera last week was brilliant this week he’s a clown. Get a grip Willian needs to look at himself Laca needs time on bench. Give Villa some credit and hold your breath until we have some more results.

  10. I’m just confused right now..the team lacks creativity in any sought…I’ve never for once seen Arsenal depend on full backs to create chances under the Wenger Era…but now it’s a norm…we are playing a bottom-three club football…it’s awful to watch… personally I won’t blame any player cos our tactics are shambolic

  11. Never thought I’d see it but,over half the Premier League are better teams than ours and we are clueless to fix it.

  12. To swallow 3 goals, i haven’t extracted which love does arteta see in Holding, any why 3 4 3 why not 4 3 3 but still enough is enough, i don’t see reason why he starts with willian and Laca? it was last season we saw Reiss N with good balls now is also out of playing team

  13. Laca who !! the go is a no show every single game !! the guy is the worst striker we have ever had at the club 182 k per week salary ??? seriously not worth 40k per week !! Willian is shocking he looks poor worst transfer buy of the summer, chelsea knew something we didnt and are lauging at us now !! the whole side back to front was awful last night !! no creativity no threat nothing 13th or 14th is what we deserve this season !! and Arteta has to change the formation its killing us !! but we cant becasue we havent got the players needs to play anything else !! shocking season ahead !! and arteta EDU and co need to take some of the blame to!! crap Arsenal !! if we get 13th or 14th we have done well especially with this crap !!

  14. Arteta is not a tough enough Manager needs to be ruthless in his team decision has to drop the under performers instead of trying to keep the peace among players. Sold the wrong goal keeper in the summer and should never have brought in william also Lacazzette needs to go , Auba is not a happy camper at the moment this attitude must change

  15. Arteta is too sentimental. He favours some players over others. Why on earth is Lacazzette and Willian still starting our matches even without offering anything. Saka is talented, but is still a kid to be in our first eleven. Arteta is a small coach, still learning the trade. Win today, lose tomorrow. Hot and cold. Up and down. Imagine eight matches and four defeats already and two at home. This season is going to be a long and tortuous season for Arsenal. Top four is impossible, top six would be mirage.

  16. hard to analyse who was strong for the arsenal side but the front three are showing embarrassing results ever since the season started AUBA come on

  17. As I,m still an out an out Wenger fan, all I can say to the Arsenal board and the fans that wanted him out. ‘are you happy now?’. Let’s face it, Arsenal will never be a force in the football world again ,after getting rid of, one of the classiest coaches to ever set foot at Arsenal. Sad to see the demise of a once great football club??

  18. Arteta and Edu have done a great job at Afc even lifting a cup already but the job they have has a long way to go before Afc are back at the top.
    First of all most of the deadwood are still at afc,the troublemakers Ozil and Guendouzi are still on the books some of the avarage players like Elniney and Mustafi are being praised cos they have improved,well from bad to average isnt good enough.
    Arteta and Edu must get whatever money they can from these players and use it wisely.
    Before you rebuild you must clear the rubble.

  19. For the life of me I can’t understand why the club allows a top class footballer, and that is Ozil to be pushed out of the team, is beyond me. Religion, politics. Don’t come into the game! This is a personal attack on him, influenced by the German football Assoc: and politicians. It will cost Arsenal dearly in the long run.

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