Jurgen Klopp lays into Richard Masters over five sub ruling after Alexander-Arnold injury

Every major sport in the world will always preach that player safety is their main concern, yet their actions always demonstrate that what they really mean is money in their real concern and they’ll do just enough in terms of player safety to prevent reputational damage.

The footballing schedule is packed this year due to Covid-19 delays, European competition and the bizarre choice to have players flying round the world during a pandemic to play some mainly meaningless international games.

It means that injuries are going to be a major concern, so the decision from Premier League clubs to only allow three subs looks like a poor one.

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Critics say it gives bigger teams an unfair advantage because they can bring more quality from the bench, but that’s effectively dismissing professional players at a lot of clubs and suggesting they don’t have anything to offer if they come on.

It doesn’t slow down the game because they need to be made in a maximum of three intervals, and it could even be a good thing that allows chances to younger players from the bench too.

Trent Alexander-Arnold went down today with an innocuous looking injury which can often be the worse kind, and there are plenty of suggestions that it’s an extended schedule that’s taken it’s toll on him.

Jurgen Klopp spoke about this after the game, and he’s clearly raging:

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