Arsenal fan called for Mikel Arteta to be ‘sacked’ last night and names ex-Spurs boss Pochettino as potential replacement

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Following Arsenal’s shock 3-0 defeat to Aston Villa last night, an angry supporter named Richie told BBC 5 Live Sport that Mikel Arteta immediately needed to be ‘sacked’ last night.

With former Premier League stars Chris Sutton and Robbie Savage hosting a phone-in for 5 Live after the top-flight’s final match before the international, Richie took centre stage with his shock claims.

The supporter called for the Gunners to part with Arteta immediately and use the international break to appoint either Mauricio Pochettino or Max Allegri, both of whom are currently out of work.

Even deluded may be too kind a word for this suggestion, do you ever think in this era of football that Arsenal would hire a former manager of north London rivals Spurs?

A man who is coming off of being sacked by their local counterparts, however questionable we may have found that decision to be from Spurs.

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Here’s what was said in the controversial part of 5 Live’s phone-in:

“Mikel Arteta, he has to go tonight and we have to use the international break to bring in (Max) Allegri or Mauricio Pochettino.”

“Tonight, he has to go tonight. I’ve run out of patience and I think I speak for a lot of Arsenal fans when I say that.”

“I was never convinced on him in the first place, there’s a big difference between putting out the cones at City’s training ground and managing Arsenal.”

“He should have done what Lampard or Gerrard did. That’s manage at a smaller club, cut their teeth, and maybe come back in a few years. It’s too big of a step up for him.”

Sutton interjects, “Riche, what did you think of the job that he did last season, winning the FA Cup?”:

“He actually won the FA Cup but that papered over a load of cracks. He brought us up one place, we were mid-table when he came in and we finished 8th.”

Sutton: “Did he improve the team, did they look better defensively under Arteta?”

“Yes, we did look better. Yes we have looked better, we’ve improved defensively, but going forward in attack…”

“I’ve just looked back and we haven’t scored from open play in the Premier League in four matches, six-and-a-half hours of football that we haven’t scored from open play.”

“The only goal we scored in the last four matches in the league has been a penalty, we’ve offered nothing going forward, nothing in attack.”

Sutton: “I mean you’re going early here, to say that he should go and be sacked… it’s ridiculous Richie, where’s your patience?”

Pochettino was in the Sky Sports studio for last week’s Monday Night Football encounter between Leicester and Leeds, with the Argentine admitting that he is ready to return to management.

Arteta certainly doesn’t deserve to be treated like this; whilst results, the side’s position in the top-flight or even the club’s hopes of becoming a Champions League side have hardly improved, the Spaniard has transformed the team in a lot of ways.

Max Allegri will be a man that is linked with any top club should a managerial vacancy appear, with the 53-year-old extremely successful during his time in charge of Juventus.

The Italian won the Serie A title in all of his five seasons in charge, helping the Bianconeri become the nation’s dominant force, after these achievements it came a massive shock when Allegri decided to leave before the start of the 19/20 season.

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    1. He’s not an idiot… assuming coach do go out on loan I would have suggest arsenal should send him out on loan to gain more experience, yes he should go to a smaller clubs and see how things should be done.

  1. That’s o.k. Kick him whilst he’s down.We Brits are good at that. He needs support when he hasn’t been with us very long. during his short time we have two cups beat Man City, Liverpool twice, Beat Man United at their own home which we have not done in years and years and a few more good teams

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