Neymar banned from streaming platform Twitch, various theories as to why

PSG superstar Neymar has been banned from streaming platform Twitch, report Brazilian outlet Global Esporte.

Neymar is widely renown for his antics off the field, just as much as he is on it. Streaming on Twitch has been the 28-year-old’s latest venture – because why not?

Unfortunately for him, Neymar will not be able to stream on Twitch anymore, at least not for now, after it became clear that he had actually been banned from the service.

Global Esporte speculate that the reasons behind it could be either continuous copyright violations or him leaking international teammate Richarlison’s phone number on stream, which is a violation of their terms of service.

Either way, you have to think that Twitch would rather have someone as high-profile as Neymar able to stream, so it’d be no surprise to see this sorted out relatively swiftly.

For now, though, Neymar’s fans are going to have to go without.

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