Potential vaccine and mass turnstile testing – how the Premier League believes fans could soon return

Premier League clubs have met news of a potential coronavirus vaccine with optimism – with there being hope fans could return early next year.

As reported by the BBC, Pfizer and BioNTech announced that they have successfully developed a vaccine which has 90% efficiency in defending against COVID-19.

It’s considered a turning point in the pandemic, in the favour of humanity.

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While the major bonus of a vaccine is the number of lives it will save globally, for purely selfish reasons, we wish to focus on the potential impact on the Premier League.

As the Daily Mail report, there is now hope that fans could return to Premier League stadiums early next year in wake of the news of a potential vaccine being developed.

In addition, the Daily Mail claim that the Premier League are already preparing plans of their own to combat the virus, which involve testing at the turnstiles.

It will be some time before a Premier League match day is as it was before the pandemic struck, but football needs fans – and it looks as though it’s going to get them.

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