10 EFL clubs are struggling to pay salaries this month as the pandemic continues to decimate football

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In a worrying sign of what’s perhaps to come in English football, 10 EFL clubs are struggling to pay salaries this month.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit clubs across the world hard, with no gate receipts seeing some clubs go out of business and others sailing perilously close to doing so.

BBC Sport report that a parliamentary committee heard the plight of clubs in the lower echelons of the English professional game, with committee chairman, Julian Knight, suggesting that the Premier League’s proposed £50m rescue package for League One and Two clubs was ‘pitiful.’

EFL chairman Rick Parry hopes a deal with the Premier League can be agreed by the end of the month after a £50m bailout package – made up of grants and loans – was unanimously rejected in October.

Clearly, time is of the essence to get a deal agreed. In the short term, staff have Christmas to think about, and the slightly longer term, their jobs could be at risk.