Arsenal star Aubameyang issues a brilliant comeback to grumpy Toni Kroos over his childish celebrations

Scoring a goal in football is one of the purest moments of joy that a lot of fans and players will experience, so it does seem a bit unnecessary to have a pop at any players for having some fun in the moment.

Toni Kroos has been mouthing off in the past few days about some perfectly valid points, but then he went off the rails a bit as he started to lay into Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Antoine Griezmann for their goal celebrations.

His main gripe with the Arsenal star was that he would sometimes whip out a superhero mask as part of his celebration, and Kroos felt this is setting a bad example to the kids.

Clearly this has got back to Aubameyang because he went straight on Twitter to slap Kroos down with a wonderful comeback:

Interestingly it does look like Kroos does have kids so clearly they have a very different upbringing to Aubameyang’s, but it has left the Real Madrid midfielder looking a bit stupid.

There are so many things wrong with football that you could moan about, but having some fun after scoring a goal isn’t one of them.

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