Report suggests Man United have made a formal offer to Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent over an astonishing return

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It’s clear that Man United are a confused club just now when it comes to their approach to transfers and their long term planning – or lack of it.

The summer was spent chasing various targets who may have improved the team, but they ended up with another central midfielder who can’t get into the team and a veteran striker who could be productive but won’t be there for long.

While many fans might be thinking that it will be fine as long as they start to move for some more logical targets, that hope is quickly extinguished by the news that they may be looking to throw an eye watering amount of money… at yet another veteran striker.

Admittedly it is Cristiano Ronaldo so he’s a special case when you consider his ability and his history with the club, so it’s interesting to see that The Mirror have reported that United have made a formal offer to his agent.

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They confirm that the 35 year old striker currently earns £28m a season and Juve would like to get him off the wage bill, but you have to wonder if this would be the best use of United’s resources.

They would undermine some of their talented strikers and be forced to build around an ageing player who won’t be there for long, and we never know when his physical powers will start to recede and he stops looking like one of the best in the world.

It’s not clear what United’s offer would be but it’s hard to see Ronaldo taking a pay cut, so this move would inevitably attract a lot of criticism if it doesn’t work out.

United are such a basket case of a club that you wouldn’t totally rule this out, while it would also be fascinating to see him back in the Premier League to see how he fared.

It still feels very unlikely, but it does look like this could be Ronaldo’s last season in Turin.

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