Spurs manager Jose Mourinho given a fine and a suspended ban for late Europa League kick off

The authorities in charge of football have always had an interesting perspective when it comes to dishing out punishments to teams and individuals.

They do all they can to steer clear of the major issues that are genuinely making the game worse, but they are excellent at springing into action for the smallest of indiscretions.

There was a slight delay to the kick off in the recent Europa League clash between Spurs and Royal Antwerp, and it’s somehow been determined that Jose Mourinho was the one to blame.

Seemingly this is a very big offence in the eyes of UEFA, with the Spurs manager receiving a fine and a suspended sentence for his troubles:

It’s not clear how they decided that Mourinho was the one to blame or how late the kick off actually was, but it does seem a bit over the top.

The worst thing is that this has probably come around due to TV stations or sponsors moaning that their advertising has been thrown off by the delay, so it always comes back to money with these people.

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